Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Then he's definitely gonna be one hell of a hot hot VAMPIRE!

..And now Im wondering whether I'd still be smitten with Edward. LOL! Malandi.

But his features are so angelic. I'm not sure if he's fit to be with the Volturi. Oh, I don't know. Guess I'll have to wait for New Moon. And Taylor Lautner's gonna be replaced by half-Filipino Michael Copon for Jacob's role. Not that I dont want Taylor, but Bella looks bigger than him. He's supposed to be a werewolf, for geez sakes.

As for Copon, I am supporting his (hopefully) casting. Not because he's Pinoy, but because he looks just like Taylor. And I mean a better version, at that. :D


Work is kinda lazy today. No one really wants to ride up their saddles. We all do our own thing. I only did a report. One measly report that I could finish in five minutes. Imagine that. And I'm not in a mood for anything. My boss even has this other work downstairs so our meeting couldnt start yet. It is so frustrating.

Gotta go. Muah!

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