Monday, December 22, 2008

Ive been a grinch these past few days because my Christmas Shopping isnt done yet. I was supposed to finish them all tomorrow, and buy a gift for Maro's wedding, try to do that something I promised for the 29th and wrap officemate's gifts. But our parents dragged us to go to Cavite for Ate Red's son's baptism, then met Hon for dinner at MOA. Plus I got up late this morning, all uniforms unironed and all my plans for the morning, ruined.

So tonight, I'll pull up another all-nighter to wrap the remaining gifts, go to the mall to buy the other remaining gifts, have good night's rest to be hyper over the holidays, clean the house and maybe greet friends who are not in the Philippines. On the remaining days, I have to rest for Maro's wedding, take care of relatives who are going to our house this Christmas, plan on what to bring to Hon's house on the 25th and prepare my things for our Iloilo Trip.

This, by far, has been the most hectic Christmas in my whole life. And without an ample time to prepare for the holidays. Even my 24th is so preoccupied. Sadly.


Went to Paskuhan last Friday to meet Nina and give my gift to Avi. I didnt get the chance to see the fireworks because I was late. Then Saturday night, went to Xzeno's Christmas Night where only four of us were present. Good thing I was still perky.

So that's it. Im so busy as a bee. So I'll keep this one short.

See me on the holidays! You know you love me. :D

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