Thursday, December 18, 2008

Before I talk about our uber cool Christmas Party, I got so excited at what Ive seen in Yahoo.


On November 20, 2009, New Moon will be shown worldwide and will be directed by Chris Weitz, the one who brought us The Golden Compass. :D

Though on the other hand, I'm not so sure if I will enjoy this movie or not. See, when I read New Moon, I feel that the book makes you wait too long for major scenes to really happen. And I was irritated to hell with Jacob. I dont know, its just that he's so clingy and everything. But anyway, since this is a movie, and will be condensed to two-hours or so, I'm crossing fingers that it would work fine.


So anyway, we held our Christmas Party at the roofdeck of Citystate Bank at Shaw Blvd last night. And I believe that it might be the best party we (or they) ever had. Almost everyone participated to dress up, be colorful and groove through the sounds of 80's. The stage that I made, managed to look like a colorful jukebox, intentionally. Thanks to my partner in crime, Mitch, who helped me buy the things I needed and helped me do the actual layout. :D

Oh, and I joined a dance contest. And its something very unlikely of me. Singing, I would gladly grab the mike, but dancing is another issue. I have left feet, actually. My hips never sways, or so I think. But last night, I did and Im not sure if Im gonna be able to do that again, and gain the respect of the people at the office. haha.

Sadly, we did not win. But it was hell of a party, so them appreciating my efforts, is really worth it. And I have too many goofy pictures with our President. XD. Sayang lang because I didnt get the chance to take a picture with "crush". OMG, this is so high school. But Im not that sad, and its just a little crush, not like I faint everytime we touch. hehehehe. Kinanta. lol.

And my boss won Star of the Night. hehehhe. Coolness.


Gotta go. I need rest. But with Paskuhan at UST tomorrow and Xzeno's Xmas Party on Saturday, I doubt I'll ever get it. hahah.


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