Friday, December 12, 2008

My Dad's home already. Yep, the reason why I havent blogged for days. (Like its really the reason. hahaha) But since that was partly the case, I am really happy these days, despite being sick.

He brought me this:

Never mind that my brother got hold of the new camera already, but this is still a 3.2MP phone, so Im settled. :D After all, I'm wishing for a DSLR now. And Ive already let him see one. SO hopefully, when he goes back abroad, he could fulfill my request. hehehe. Crossing fingers now. :D


My Christmas list, on the other hand is semi-completed. I just need to buy a few pairs of this and that. And we went to the World Bazaar at World Trade Center last Friday. I really enjoyed it. Even saw Nene Tamayo on the PBB booth, but I didnt buy anything there. My favorite was the Precious Moments store. And because they went all the way from Aklan pa.

Anyhoo, because of my addiction to dolls and stuffed toys, Hon Hon bought me the mermaid and schoolgirl doll and they were both so adorable. He said its gonna be gift number 1. His gift number 2, was the one Ive requested for him to buy, two jelly lenses! Yay! :D And Im'a love it because its for my fone. nyahaha.


Its gonna be our Christmas Party on Wednesday. We havent practiced for the dance yet. harhar. Goodluck to us. Not that we would wanna win or something, but I plan to make every Christmas Parties special. Due to future plans..if it'll push thru. :D

Anyhoo, I have to go. 2 parties more.. Hugs! :D

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