Friday, October 24, 2008

Before anything else, let me clarify that I did not break-up with my boyfriend nor did we have any recent problems. LOL. The drastic action behind chopping my hair is due to my other frustrations and I feel as if my hair is adding another load in my life. Hence, the short haircut.

Yesterday, most of my officemates were v. surprised by the hair. They were all feeling sorry, maybe because I have this long hair already. They all made a huge deal out of it. But I actually love the new me. After all, give it a few months and it'll be long again. It never fails me. hahaha.


Hon Hon surprised me with a speech last night, thanking me for everything that has happened for the past months. See, he isn't someone who talks about his feelings, so it kind of startled me a bit. But I'm really happy. :D

And meet my new baby...

I'm even the luckier one. :D See, he indulges with my love for books. And I know, books are pricey and all, but he said that it still wouldn't make up for everything. Love you talaga. hehehe. And thanks for the upcoming trip. I know, I have to wait for February pa, but I know I;ll be having a blast with you and Jon.


Davao, what are the great places to discover about you?

I guess I have to wait for four months before I'd be in awe. :D

Have to go. Muah!

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