Monday, October 27, 2008

Im finally on Page 370. Started last Saturday morning and Im halfway through reading book one. Too bad we didnt get the New Moon. So I guess I'd be reading out of an e-book or something.

Replay to Friday, Hon and I went to MOA to buy stuffs and for him to give the tickets for our Davao flight. (As if naman na kinabukasan na, eh Feb pa naman. LOL) Anyhow, when we got to Fully Booked, they still have copies of the Twilight Saga. See, when you go to Powerbooks and National Bookstore, all books are already sold-out. So anyhoo, in order for me to let him buy the books (which I read in the end. bad Ria!), he also let me take two Gossip Girl books. Yeah, Im a spoiled brat, thank you very much.

But the book posted above isnt the cover of one we bought. We had the new paperback version, front is the cast of the movie, Twilight, to be shown on the twenty-first of November. Moreover, thanks to you, who took the time and effort to make me want to read the book. :D

Here's to more years, love and love for books together. :)


Yesterday, I received a very surprising message from my high school friend, Maro, asking me if I could be one of her bridesmaids.

Surprising because she was one of my "conservative" friends, who didnt have a love life when we were sophomores. She was shy and timid, though a little outgoing at times. Anyway, she has long been with her boyfriend, so maybe they have planned this a long time ago. I just wished she gave me a three month headstart before she told me that she's gonna be married. Not when we barely have two months to prepare. hehehe.

She said that her wedding's going to be simple, so maybe we dont need to dress up so elegantly.

But in my wedding, that would be a no-no. hahaha. Spoiled brat talaga. LOL.


I have to go, finish things. I just wish I could make it through the week. Muah!

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