Monday, December 29, 2008

One of my best friends, Mary Rose got married to Mellard this day. What supposed to be a very simple and intimate wedding became more special when all their family and friends joined them as they become husband and wife.

Ive known Maro when we were in first year high school. I was looking for new friends, being new to our high school, and I discovered that she was also a transferee. So that majority, made us click right from the very start. She was my partner in crime. When I was looking for girl crushes (yes, that's normal at an all girl school), she was also looking for hers. We were both obsessed with stickers and stationeries at the back of the school, and would be seen at that place after our last class. And boy, did we ever trade some of them, just for the heck of it.:D When my favorite was Tweety Bird, she favored Hello Kitty. But both our favorite colors are pink and purple.

After our session at the stationery store, we would wait for our respective school service. Or she would go with me to our service first, and vice versa. And though we parted barkadas, our friendship is that strong, that we still see each other, in every class, or get together sometime.

And now, she's all grown up, and ready to face the challenges of being a wife.

After five years of being with Mellard, she finally found her happy ever after. And we are just so happy that her search for true love did not go in vain. So I wish them lots of babies, an unending love and more years together. :D


Now the story about the wedding is, I caught the bride's bouquet. And you know the usual stuff they say when a single lady catches the flowers are usually the next to marry. I don't actually believe in superstitions, but I respect them. Like getting out of trouble and such. So here's the funny story:

Before the commentator asks the "single ladies" to go up front and catch the bouquet, I had a little dilemma under our table. My sandals, for uncanny reasons, decided to snap at me and leave me, shoeless. Already panicked by the situation (and yeah, do I ever resist a photo opportunity), got my balls up and walked up with my already "given up" sandals, just to fit in. I actually think losers are those who do not stand up in the midst of a crisis. So to not be a loser, means getting my ass up there and face whatever humiliation it might bring.

After the photographs were taken, I situated myself at the back of the girls who are ready and eager to catch the bouquet. I had two things in mind, being spared from the 'tradition' and get out of the center of attention because for crying out loud, I have a broken sandals to think about first. After a few seconds, I was surprised to see the two girls in front of me who skidded at the floor to get the bouquet. And because they were already rolling at the floor, my hands, that were spread out at that time, surprisingly caught the flower, and before I knew it, I was being dragged at the center stage to sit while the groom tosses the bouquet o the single guys.

Two of my friends already told me that it was just like in movies, that maybe its destiny telling me that I will be the next in line. Okay, please stop pressuring me okay? Ive had enough for the day. Please don't tolerate the situation anymore. Its just a coincidence. And yeah, I'm crossing all my fingers that IT IS JUST A COINCIDENCE FOR NOW. Maybe in a few years, but this year, definitely not.

Though their wedding is one of the best I have attended. Simple, but definitely special in its own way. And I can see in their faces that they are really happy to start their lives together :D


So there, I think Ive already said a lot. I have to rest. Finally.

Smoochies everyone!

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