Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Because the year is turning to a close, I have to make promises to this coming 2009. And hopefully, I could fulfill most of them :D

1. Stop Procrastinating- Yep, I do that I lot these days. Every time I needed to do something fast, I get so distracted to the point where I don't know how to even finish.

2. Must.LOSE.WEIGHT- Serious matter. It has been one of the reasons why Hon and I fight a lot. He tells me to trim down, while I make excuses for everything, But I know all I need is an inspiration, and to lessen how I eat. Or maybe a reason to stop stuffing myself for food. hahaha.

3. Be on time- If you could see how much I make in the past months, I only get enough for my fare and food. You know why? because since I cannot afford being late anymore, I have to time in a half day to the office or I would be suspended. So if I wanna be really rich at 25, I have to get my ass early in the morning.

4. SAVE SAVE and SAVE- After the payday week, I never really know where my money went. Seriously. Yes, I signed up to have some money deducted off my salary every month, but I wanted to save up more than that. So no more frivolous gimmicks anymore. And since Hon pays for the card anyway, I need to stuff more money in the bank, than stuff myself with so much food. See, that's even related. :P

5. Be more reasonable- Sometimes, I base my decisions on chance. So I really have to be more mature in the things that I do, in order to really get it. And for me to fulfill this resolution, I think I really need to grow up first.

6. Make more memories- I could never really know how this 2009 will go but I'm signing up for a lot of fun moments, adventurous travels, and a multitude of joy with Hon, my family and friends.

Happy 2009 in a few hours everyone! :D


A yearender:

2008 has brought me so much than in the past years. I have made new friends, and lost some of them, babies were born, my work is more tedious but enjoyable, visited a lot of places, made many memories, cried a few but smiled a lot.

2008 had many tragedies too. A death of a colleague, the passing of strangers who brought huge impact on their lives, too much scandals and lies.

But 2008 is still a year of blessing. And it passes by saying that we all dealt some good and bad things, but the good thing is, we still made through the end of it.

And so we should make the most of the remaining hours of the year. And face the coming year with a big celebration and hopefully more luck it could give us.

..So I'll be signing on next year already! And Iloilo, here I come! hehehe :D

Be Safe everyone! :D

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