Monday, January 05, 2009

..And boy, have I got a new inspiration. :D

Meet my Ate Obry. She used to be like my size now. Actually, if you could see our pictures before, para kaming pinagbaligtad. So because she's my ate, I would be thin again like her. hahaha. Ang kulit lang eh. :P

Anyway, I'm back from the province yesterday. And jet lag isn't part of my thing. hahaha. I'm just so happy that I'm starting the New Year with a travel opportunity. Next month, will be more exciting because were going to Davao, and this time, for a real vacation. Yay!

Day 1: Because of our New Year Celebration at Novaliches, we got home late that it took us until 2AM to pack our bags. Only my Dad could check in his stuff so we have to carry lighter things going there. At 5, we were already up and raring to go to NAIA 3. Super layo! Unlike the MIA Domestic, NAIA 3 is located at the Villamor Air Base, but the system is much better. They have wider waiting areas and people aren't cramped up in one space while waiting for their flights. But as expected, food prices are way too high. And kudos to Cebu Pacific because the flight was not delayed.

When we got there, Iloilo also has a new airport. The last time we went there, it was situated at the back of SM City Iloilo. This time, it was even farther. But also way better.

We stayed at my tita's house, my Mommy Liberty and Daddy Ednar. They now have two grandchildren, MC and KC. It was the first time Ive seen KC. And like the typical Lumandog, she looks Chinese (and even Korean, as she tells everyone). At dinnertime, we went to my Tita Lucy's house and tried to fit the gown I'm gonna be wearing at the wedding. And again, I was teased on how fat Ive become, and they're not used to it. Believe me, I am also not used to it, but I'm coping. Hopefully, I wont have to cope any longer. :P

After the dinner, my cousins, nieces and Lester slept at the hotel so we could all be pretty the next day. KC was so engrossed with my brother. She's super cute. :D And she's so madaldal. If we could only understand Ilonggo, maybe we could all get together some more. So all we do is nod whenever they talk their language. And the funny part was whenever we talk to them in English, they would answer in Ilonggo again. And that's what we call a language barrier. hahaha.

Day 2: Finally! Ate Lory's big day!

My Ate is already 34. (hahah. binuking!) But anyway, she doesnt look her age. Its amazing how close we were even though were many miles apart. I remember telling her that she and Ate Obry are my favorite cousins. Sayang lang because I was expecting other Lumandog families to attend the event. I don't know if they weren't available or something. But nonetheless, it was a very intimate event.

Ate Lory and Kuya Kent (her husband now!) looked alike. I think that in a glance, you could see if couples would end up together. And they were a perfect pair. It was so heartwarming to see Kuya Kent cried tears of joy while thanking everyone who attended their wedding. I hope that someday, my groom would be like that. heheheh. I don't know, its just that its feels so great to see a guy not to be ashamed of everyone to see his softer side. Its so honest and inspiring. :D

After the wedding, we were supposed to roam around but ended up going to SM Iloilo because they were too tired to look around. I even brought an unused swimsuit, so imagine my disappointment when Mommy said that we should not go to Guimaras because the sea waves are probably huge that time. Sad...

Day 3: Uwian Time

In the morning, our family went to the cemetery to visit Lola Sayong and Lolo Juan's grave. Afterwards, we went to Papa's lot in one of the subdivisions in Jaro. It was the lot he inherited from Lola. But we don't have a house there. After all, no one would live there naman. So he's investing to it instead. Then we went to the Jaro Cathedral.

When we got back to our Tita's house, I was so touched that our relatives went there to bid goodbyes. They brought us food and pasalubongs. I don't know, I will miss them all. I wanna go to Dinagyang, but I have an upcoming Davao trip so I guess it'll be impossible for me to go there again.


Yay! And now, we are back to work again. I just hope I'd be not too sleepy today.

Gotta go! :D

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