Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I so love this song by Hayden Panettiere. And who ever thought she could sing? One of my favorite Heroes cast, Claire. :D

Whoa... Whoa...

You don't buy me flowers
You don't buy me drinks
You don't drive me anywhere
We're totally insane

We used to talk for hours until the night was through
But recently your ego is goin' through the roof

Maybe I need a wake up call
Cause your too comfortable
You think because you bagged me,
You don't have to work at all

Seems like I gotta do wrong to get your attention
But maybe when I call this man up,
You finally start to wake up
I think I'm gonna have to cheat to keep your eyes on me
But maybe if I make you jealous,
You'll finally start to wake up

This is your wake up call
This is your wake up call
So wake up, wake up
You better wake up

You underestimated the kinda chick I am
Cause I don't have a problem finding someone else
I put my little black dress on and go out to the club
And you wonder what's goin' on
'Til tomorrow when your boys tell you I was dancing with someone

You're takin' me for granted
Boy, you're really slackin'
If I see somebody I like, I might have to grab him
Time is runnin' out but you didn't do me right
So, I'm-a get mine back, you better wake up

This is your wake up call
This is your wake up call
So wake up, wake up (Seems like I got it all wrong)
You better wake up


So the video also stars Sebastian Stan right? (Leighton Meester's boyfriend). Wow, so my favorite actresses Claire and Blair (that rhymed! :D) can sing too. And they have someone in common with the clip.hehe.

But the moral lesson of the song, is for guys who doesn't appreciate their girls. hahaha. Which some of us are guilty of doing sometimes. I mean who didn't make their boyfriends jealous for some guy trolling around them? But of course, we do that in moderation. :P Really, the song is right for some, like when guys already got your everything, they would start ignoring you and get so presko that they don't need to impress you anymore.

..Or maybe I'm just over analyzing again. Anyway, I love the song. It feels so summer-y. Like listening that song in the beach or something. :D


This has been the hellish week Ive ever been to. Well, parts of it. Since the long holiday, web queries have piled up, I had too many letters to send, my boss became toxic downstairs and the supervision I could get was with Sir Melan and Miss Ivy. Adding to the hellish feeling is being sick with sty, which I am unsure where it came from and having to avail of an undertime to see an ophthalmologist.

In all fairness, I get to see Richelle, one of my former classmates in CWTS at UST. Actually, she saw me when I went to the Megaclinic and had my consultation at the Lasik Eye Surgery. Turns out, she's a nurse there now. Let's see if I could invite her at sometime. hehe.


Anyhow, I have to go. My throat is aching again. Time to sleep I guess.

Moochies! :D

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