Thursday, January 08, 2009

One gloomy day, Girl asked Boy, "After the couple of years we've been together, could you say that you still love me wholly?" And he answered "If not, then why did I just dreamt of us planning our wedding?"

For some, this might be the most romantic moment. Like the world revolved around your head. And as it continues to spin, you're not really sure what just happened. But as for me, I've already planned my wedding since I was seven. Seriously. And Ive learned through the weddings Ive attended too. :P That I want a nice church/garden wedding, where I could walk down a long aisle, if possible, I want tulips instead of roses (nyahahaha mahal yun damn.) that I want pink as the motif, and the most essential of all, is that there should be fireworks, so I want an afternoon wedding at that.

On our First Year Anniversary, Hon gave me a ring. And said that it is his pre-engagement ring to me. And if you really know me, you wouldn't be surprised that I said "Ito na ba talaga yun?" :P Just like the time when I got the bouquet from Maro's wedding. hehehehe. I don't know, I couldn't react right. So hopefully, the next time he asks for my hand to my parents, I could have the rightful mind to do the exact things.

But I don't wanna be pressured. I have always believed that there's a right time for everything. And when all our affairs are finally over, maybe we could settle for forever.

...And he says 2011

Maybe, so I could be in the same year as UST celebrates its 400th year existence. hehehehe


So meanwhile, I guess we really have to save up. And enjoy what we have. It will be a bumpy ride, but I know we'll get there. So for now, hello flight 5J 963 and Davao, please wait for me. 29 days to go! :D

We were all discussing the 10 long holidays for 2009, and boy, was I ever been happier. I just hope that when we all decide to travel somewhere, my Mom would finally agree to it. And I'm crossing all fingers when I said that.

Excuse me while I go back to my reality. And face my happy ever after...for now :D

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