Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Everything feels so hazy.

The issue with my Mom and the Davao Trip, Abu Sayyaf and war zones.

Like Davao is a war zone. I think she should refresh her geography first. I hope my Mom can read blogs sometimes so she would know how her 23-year old daughter thinks. That her 23-year old daughter can manage her own life, go on trips once in a while, and that her 23-year old daughter is FREAKING TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD ALREADY!

Okay, I just had to let that one out.


Hon says I'm so melodramatic. And that's coming from a guy who's gonna be at Davao with me. And that guy could end up going there with Jon only. So heartless...but were okay now. I figured Im THAT melodramatic too. But you know, when you already have your trip all planned out, and your Mom says no, THAT IS A PROBLEM. Its a huge deal. Our tickets are not even cold yet. So I'm sad, and mad.

And Im seriously thinking of moving out of the house, if more problems arise and she still defends her oh-so-iron heart over her only daughter.

Because seriously, I would fight for this trip. I may not seem like the person stooping that low, but this is important for me. And how about the days when she was trolling around the Philippines with her friends and leaving the house to ourselves? Couldn't she count that for making up to me? No. She didn't. So Im going and she couldn't stop me, even if she puts metal chains all over me and lock me up.

(Ohkay, I may seem stubborn this time, but Im just soo pissed, so please, pardon the angst. I love my Mom, but not as of the moment.)

Just so you know, my Dad was helping me yesterday when I was asking permission. And he's saying yes, and convincing my Mom to let me go. And she accused me of being "LAKWATSERA" and that was the last straw for me. There's that dignity I was defending, thank you very much.


Things are also not good in the office. I don't know. There are a LOT of issues lately. Maam Kit wants me to show my shine, but I don't know how would that be possible. I wanted to, most of the time, but its either my chances are too slim or I just so over climbing up for it. Oh well, maybe when I find my inspiration.

..After I go to Davao. hahaha.

Lord please let me go, mabait naman ako eh. *sometimes*.

Gotta go! Muah!

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