Thursday, January 15, 2009

Got this one from YahooNews. First, there was Beauty and the Geek Reality TV. Now they have a flirting course? What's next? heheheh

BERLIN - Even the most quirky of computer nerds can learn to flirt with finesse thanks to a new "flirting course" being offered to budding IT engineers at Potsdam University south of Berlin.

The 440 students enrolled in the master's degree course will learn how to write flirtatious text messages and emails, impress people at parties and cope with rejection.

Philip von Senftleben, an author and radio presenter who will teach the course, summed up his job as teaching how to "get someone else's heart beating fast while yours stays calm."

The course, which starts next Monday, is part of the social skills section of the IT course and is designed to ease entry into the world of work. Students also learn body language, public-speaking, stress management and presentation skills.

"We want to prepare our students with the social skills needed to succeed both in their private life and their work life," said Hans-Joachim Allgaier, a spokesman for the institute at Potsdam University where the course is being offered.


That was really hilarious. And ironic at the same time. I mean, why don't they just send their computers to the needy students here in the Philippines so we can use it more effectively and not just use technologies for FLIRTING? I know, I'm not in a position to sway them because its their country, but there are more things that are more important than teaching geeks to find love in the internet.

I would agree with the stress management and all that stuff, but flirting.

There are a lot of weirdness in this world. hahaha.


Mom and I are still on non-speaking terms. Well, she talked to me the other night but I was answering generic po and opo to her. I know I'm being a bit rude, but hey, Ive got my principle to protect. And that's not easy.


Ohkay, I'm affected by this one:

I don't know, I'm a Chuck-Blair team-up fan, and this by far is the most touching scene of them. I hate Chuck for always rejecting B. And Blair's just right for dumping him. Can I relate to that? hahahaha. :P

..Not anymore. LOL.

And I dunno what'll happen to Dan and Serena. I mean, sharing a brother? Well, they're not really related naman, but everything freaks those two out, so I don't know.

Pardon my fangirling again. I'm just amusing myself because I'm still either sad or mad. Whichever comes first.

Gotta go. Please please pray for me to be allowed to go to Davao. I really really really wanna go. :D

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