Monday, January 19, 2009

Ohkay, so I know they are concerned, but please, don't take everything seriously. Not because I got Maro's bouquet automatically means I am next to get married. And not because we are wishing and hoping to get rich immediately means I wanted to start a family right away.

Last night, even though my Mom couldn't recognize my "I-am-still-not-on-speaking-terms-with-you" face, she asked me if I was going to get married already. So apparently, Anne's Mom, Tita Josie asked her about it(the one I posted at friendster or one of blogs I guess). And as seen on Facebook, Juvi took the status "Engaged to Patrick", as I am getting married real soon.

Now I definitely wanna clear them all up...

First of all, I am not, and not soon, to be married. Not at least I could get an easy trust fund for my future kids. So that is a very long shot of getting it. So if I am telling about wanting to move out of the house, it is not because I wanted to walk down the aisle soon, but because I'm freaking twenty-three but my parents still treat me like THREE. And lastly, Patrick may have browsed me on the idea of getting married, telling me that he wants it at 2011, but its a long road ahead. So many things could and might happen, but for now, they are merely plans. Because that's what we do, and if we couldn't get it, well, there's gotta be another plan to negotiate.

So there, I hope everything's clear because I couldn't get the look on my Mom's face out of my mind when she asked me that. Its crazy because I'm still traditional, you know, like I don't want or I could never elope and I'm still the "ask my parents first then drop one knee and ask me with a diamond ring" girl. And, I might have screw most of his plans, but I still wanna do it his way, you know, just so were clear about that.


Crazy Idea: Me.Wants.To.Go.Back.To.School:

..But for the shallow reasons. Saw these three college girls on my way home from MOA last Saturday and they were like talking about school and crushes and all that stuff I would enjoy if I were in college. I don't know, I could just feel the collegiate air that time. Or if given the chance, why not, though, for now there isn't any concrete reason for me to go back to school because I don't want to teach and it means I have to sacrifice my work. And I don't want to do that. Besides, I happy being here. And where I am right now is bliss. :D


For two days, I have been obsessed with ETC. I know all the juicy gossips on Inside Edition and Daily Ten, been stricken on some black mothers try to bleach their children just to have lighter skin (which is crazy, if you ask me), chased the paparazzi on TMZ and my most favorite, dissing actresses on Chelsey Lately. And I discovered I'm really maldita. hahahaha.

Gotta go. Bye y'all! :D

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