Monday, October 06, 2008

All my life, I have been a girly-girl. I love dresses when I was a kid and rarely wear shorts. Its usually mini-skirts and all that. Only then in high school that I learned to fit into jeans. They have been a constant best friend because they make me feel comfortable to move. Anyhow, I just want to point out one of my favorite people who can pull off any wardrobe. And how I adore her. :D

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Now I don't care if Hon likes Serena more that her, or he thinks that I behave Serena-like with one of my best friends, but I just adore Blair. Um, pardon my tomboy-ish ways again. As Ive said, its something influential once you've been in an exclusive school for girls. Hehe.



Not that I needed to sound melodramatic but for the longest time, I haven't been out of the house for a weekend getaway. Or as Ive told Jeni earlier, I need to get out of the system that I have been for the past months.

Teka, you might think that my life is THAT miserable ha. Not really, I just feel as if work and everyday life has gotten so much inside my brain and I need a break from all of that. Nothing so serious naman.


Guess I'm blabbing too much na naman. SO I have to sign off. Buhbye! :D



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