Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Just when we thought ABC's attempt to bring down Filipinos are over, a British network encored the public humiliation regarding our OFWs.

Must Read:

By OLIVER TEVES,Associated Press Writer AP - Tuesday, October 7

MANILA, Philippines - The Philippine government protested a popular BBC comedy sketch in which a Filipino maid was told to have sex with a neighbor, officials said Tuesday.

Foreign Affairs Undersecretary Esteban Conejos said the Philippine Embassy in London sent letters to the BBC, as well as to the Secretary of State for Women and the Press Complaints Commission, to protest "this slur on our domestic workers" in Britain.

Foreign Secretary Alberto Romulo also summoned the British Ambassador Peter Beckingham to discuss the matter, he said.

Rep. Risa Hontiveros, a women's rights activists, demanded an apology from the broadcaster.

She described the Sept. 26 episode of the TV show "Harry and Paul," starring British comedians Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse, as "revolting and disgusting" and called it an "insensitive and racist attempt to satirize a scene of exploitation."

The BBC did not comment immediately but the British Embassy in Manila issued a statement saying the BBC has editorial independence and the views expressed and portrayed by the network "are completely independent" from the government.

It said Filipinos in Britain "are an important part of British society, making invaluable contributions to our scientific and service sectors, and enriching U.K. culture."

The plight of millions of Filipinos working overseas is a sensitive issue for the Philippines, whose economy is kept afloat by billions of dollars in remittances they send home.


First of all, overseas workers are working really hard despite the fact that they couldn't care for their children back home, and what do they get in return? Public humiliation? Seriously, it is NOT WORTH IT.

What these effing foreigners couldn't understand is that putting other down for their own gain is not funny at all. They could laugh all they want, but in return, karma will take them down. I just know. They never understood that no matter how large they pay for our workers wouldn't weigh for the care that these maids have brought inside their homes. Or maybe, why not just torture their kids, so then we could all call it quits.

I speak as a child with an OFW Dad. I never get to see him during holidays and even the most important stages of my life. He would always give us gifts, but never really known that his presence is more important than material things. We never get to be close. I was never a Daddy's girl. Admittingly, its still his choice, but hearing these awful things from foreigners who doesn't have a clue on anything is the worst.

Last Friday, Maam Kit lectured about speaking for one's behalf. Like for example, a department of a company did something wrong to a client. The client wouldn't speak just about the department, but would criticize the whole company. As for us Filipinos, no matter if its the maids they're talking about, we speak as one. And therefore, humiliating them also means humiliating the whole country.

As for these two jackasses, BURN IN HELL YOU BLOODY BUGGER SHAGS!

Oh yeah, if you havent noticed, we Filipinos have a very good sense of humor too. Only, we treat you as mindless pieces of crap.

Bring it on Pinas! This is another racism problem we have to address :D

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