Saturday, September 29, 2007


I'm not even sure where I got the energy to post here.

My day started at NINE AM. I was supposed to meet Nina because I had to deliver something at UST and get Ruby's book from her. But because I was so sick to ever get up early, I finally woke up at 8:45. Cmon! hehehe

Okay, so my day didn't turn out right from the very start. The rain caused me to be late and I also have to wait for Mom and Dad to leave for Guada.

Met Nina at UST's Main Building. *reminisces* The dancing fountains aren't opened though, and the rain was pouring hard so we decided to go to the Carpark and chatted at Ice Monster. After talking about work, lovelife, law school and Avi, she had to leave because her break is over and has to go back to class. I so missed her. And I'm so proud of her because she's studying while taking care of Avi at the same time. Although I know that she would sometimes wish that she didn't have a child yet, Avi is one of the greatest things that happened in her life. Well, our lives too because we've tried so hard to support Nins when she was having Avi. And were so happy that she made it through the good and tough times of her pregnancy. :D

After meeting her, went to meet Cezzye and give the item she bought from my online store. :D Then the rain poured so hard again. Told Hon to just meet me at SM Manila so we could go to MOA together. And because I have to go to Dapitan, I passed by the dancing fountains again and noticed that they're already turned on. I was supposed to take a video, but it was raining and my phone might get soaked. Then I saw the AB Building.

I know, it sounds melodramatic, but I also missed AB. I missed being a student, waiting for friends at the Pav, Internet-hopping at the Central Library, going from Ground Floor to 6th Floor, Lunch at Almer's, V.Con, BRB, Asturias, Lovelite, Due Articles and of course, friend who stood by you through the pretty and the ugly situations. I missed the company that we have established for four years at the University.


Anyhow, my next stop is going to SM Manila, where they held a three-day Sale. Since it was payday yesterday, I bought nice things for myself at Seventeen and Egg. Too bad I didn't find any good shoes today, or else, I would've bought it there and then. haha.


Last stop, MOA. had lunch at Carlo's Pizza then went to buy tickets for "No Reservation". Too bad MOA cinemas are on schedule that we have to wait until 5pm to get to the movie house, so we strolled through the mall first.

Since its my Dad's birthday tomorrow, went to the Dept Store to buy him a gift. Then to Booksale and I found an interesting book. See, I have been a fan of Gilmore Girls for the past eight or nine years, then I saw this "Gilmore Girls" book. I am uber excited to read it. haha. Sad lang because they didn't have Cosmo for this month pa.

Went straight to the Cinema to watch Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Nice nice movie. Its about these two chefs and Catherine's orphaned niece. I'd make a review of it. :D Then the weekend fireworks were fantabulous! I don't know, but there's something about Hon and I's relationship and fireworks. I guess they come in package. You see, when we first saw each other again after eleven years, we have witnessed fireworks at his sister's wedding. And everytime we get together, I don't know if its coincidental, but we would always see different fireworks. :D Cute. :D

Sadly, the day didn't end up so good. I got mad at him for some reasons that we didn't even say goodbye when he brought me home. Maybe tomorrow, it'll be okay.

At least I hoped so...

Friday, September 28, 2007

Google Oogle

Ive googled myself for no apparent reason. Just wanna see how popular my name is on the web or there are some people who has similar as mine. So anyhow, Ive seen this site:

I am not sure how the heck did my previous article at Manila Times ever got there, but I sure am so delighted that they put my byline and credit my work at their site. It was also indicated that the said publication was sourced by Lloyd Luna Corp. (uh, sino ba sha?) So how come Manila Times didn't tell me about it? haha. Whatever, its not like I wanted to be paid or anything right? I'm just happy that my article was recognized. Yay!

For now, I think I did put my article by heart. I took risks mostly now. That no matter what happens, I should be accountable for it. No ifs and buts. Its my game now. hehehe.


Somehow, that made me giddy..

Were gonna see the new uniforms. Or let me say, I'm gonna have a uniform already. Cute. :D I'm really excited. I feel as if I really have this big role in the company. *speeches,winks*


Jeni and I talked about going to Baguio this October. Then Bora at summer or say, at the first months of 2008. At least I know these plans will happen since Jeni is a certified traveller and her plans of taking over the Philippines happened lots of times. I am uber excited. :D

BRB later. muah!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stressed Out

I'm sick with colds. Though I haven't been mingling with rain (not that I know of at least :D) I still got sick. Though I wanted it to rain this weekend so I could sleep soundly, or something like that.

It has been almost a year since Ive broken up with this friend. Yeah, broken up aren't just for boyfriends anymore, according to my dictionary. I don't know if life would be better if she's still around, but I do missed her. I missed our guyspeaks, shopping trails, bookhunting, and the rest that comes with it, sometimes even going to her dorm, etc.

I guess some things arrant made to last.


On the other hand, I'm still happy of the choices Ive made. And I'm still with Hon, unlike she predicted that'll happen to us. Were still going stronger than before. And although I promised myself that I wouldn't love more the person I am with, I have always felt that Hon is worthy of that feeling. After all, for the past four years that I have been smitten with him, I guess this is the time that I deserved to be happy. And I'm very much thankful that he's all over me now. hahaha. :D


BIG Problem: I haven't finished KRA still. Nakakainis. Nakakainis talaga. I shouldve done it last night but I was too tired buying stocks for an order and since I have super colds, I took Decolgen FORTE. When I got home, the bed almost eaten me up. But of course, who am I to decline anyway. haha.

The catch is, I still am sniffling like someone's been with fighting me. Gaaad!

Thankfully, I'm still sane. GTG. :D

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shenanigans and then some...

Okay, so when you have a job in our company, lets say, there are some men, but not all are cute. Or no one passes the "cuteness" factor, if there are such. This afternoon, my friends are all making comments about this guy, a staff nurse interviewee at our lobby. Not to spoil the fun, I also went with them (maybe because of my intrigera self) and saw for our ourselves what the other girls are feasting at.

... Yes, he was damn cute indeed. But he's married! Score one for the ladies, but I guess, he is off limits already.

The funny moments never seem to make us all dull. But rumors are circulating that he will be posted to our group since there are no vacancies for a staff nurse. I just said it just for the heck of it. haha


Met Anne and Gian yesterday to give her Vintage Earrings' order. Am so happy to see old faces again. But really, I missed Gian since he always make me smile during our 4th year when he would make lait of other people or something like that. Or we'd go to Wendy's or BK after class. I feel sad because I only get to spend less time with him. Damn funny person. haha :D

So there, they are both colleagues at La Salle. Kamusta naman yun. At least Anne was once from La Salle when she was in high school. I wonder which side should they root for this UAAP? hehehe.


Speaking of my beloved school, I am planning to go back there this Saturday. I have to deliver something and maybe meet Nina during her break. I missed Nina. I remember when we used to go somewhere for our Photojourn class or hang out at her dad's office or eating way too many foods because she is pregnant and I shouldn't let her starve.

Main point, WE (yes Journ!) should have a reunion. I am dwelling on memories like an old person already. Not that it is a bad thing, but I just wanna see some old faces, or the ones I used to hang out with.


Haay, just text me if you need anything. I don't wanna skulk here talking about the fondest memories or I might get too far. Love y'all :D

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm Not Easy To Find, I Am One of A Kind...

Okay, so this text message really melted me...

"You turned out to be one great wife-to-be and a heck of a businesswoman.. How did you turned out to be the perfect girl for me?"

Of course, it came from my Hon Hon, and I just got all mushy when I read it. I guess somehow in this not so nice day for me, something made me smile and forgot the concerns we had today. If only I could kiss him right now, I would gladly do so. hehe.

While at it, he dropped by our house yesterday. And yeah, we did a marathon of Season 5 and Six That 70's Show episodes. You see in the busiest of weeks, I am so ecstatic that we finally had time to be with each other and just rest.


Though I'm back at my frantic hours, We've just finished this stressful case. Since the coordination started from my email inquiry, I am obliged to help. And really, I am bound to help since it will do good on my KRA. I know, I have to finish that already, but I'm just too tired to do paperworks at home. Now I know I have to polish my rusty skills or else, I'd be trashed before I know it.

Apparently, business is doing well. Reaping orders now and then from some officemates and some online buyers. Sure beats the uncertainty that I once felt when we were starting. Its a gamble actually. But since I am willing to do this, I am very much responsible for what'll happen. :D

I finished reading "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks yesterday. Am currently reading his other novel, "A Bend in the Road". I still have three pending books to read, then I'm gonna move on to another book or another hobby. Whichever comes first.


I wanna sleep right now. I don't know why, but I do.

...Maybe because of the weather. I hope it rains all weekend so I could have a peaceful sleep like last Saturday. For once, I think I just wished for rain. Okay, this is so weird for me since I prefer sunny days than rainy ones.


Its Dad's birthday on Sunday. And I haven't thought of a gift yet. OMG, I think I just might be forced to go to Nova that day since it is a weekend. Or I hope he's swell enough to treat us out of town again. haha. Maybe Subic this time? hehehe

Gotta go finish what Ive started today. Its so cold, my legs are shaking. *wink*

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Perhaps? Maybe...

I so need a new career. I don't wanna stuck here all my life.

Just that when we had the GA last Friday, most loyalty awardees have gone from beautiful to beastly. I am so mortified that I would get to be like them if I stayed that long. LOL. You know I'm kidding right?

Seriously now, I'm just afraid that I couldn't bring to tell Maam Kit that I so wanted to have a new path. Something that could satisfy my undying passion for writing. Something that I know I will be so good at. I hope she'll forgive me if she found out that I am already seeking for that perfect job. And that I am always clicking the "APPLY" button at jobstreet whenever an email about job openings for a writer post flashes into my in-box.

Or maybe I am afraid because Maam Kit asked me not to leave yet. But really, I feel as if I'm also waiting for their commendation to a sister company (read: BUSINESSMIRROR) haha. Hopefully, that'll happen. I'm pushing myself so far to it. Who knows right? :D


I don't know if I'm being materialistic, but I wanted to have an own car, a trip to wherever i wanna go, a closet full of shoes, a library full of my favorite novels and a house of my own. And I think I wouldn't achieve that in the present work.

..Okay, to those who really know me, that line about being so materialistic and all is just possessed. Obsessive coffee is so bad for me. I tend to be so frustrated.


On the other hand, reading is treating me so well. I can only find my sanctuary there. Because in it, I could live with the characters in the book and forget how not so nice my feelings are right now. My GAAAD!!! I am so pressured.


Catch y'all later. The Princess needs her peaceful slumber. muah!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Sixteenth Month

Okay, this is a late post since I have been so busy the whole day.


Too bad we didn't have the chance to see each other today. Its just that I have been so busy and he couldn't be late for work so he has to take an early night. Though it might have been nice to see each other considering that we have to celebrate, well, were gonna see each other tomorrow and shop, etcetera etcetera.

So anyhow, its our General Assembly today. And because I just celebrated my birthday, I got to blow a candle in front of everyone. :D So cute.

Met bezzie today instead. Just that we couldn't find the time to see each other these past few days. We haven't celebrated my birthday either. I miss those days when we were in high school. There are times that we would just fool around talking about almost everything or even scour for good-looking guys near our area. Of course, we couldn't do that anymore because she's married and I have my Hon Hon already. :D


Speaking of old time flames, I saw an ex's friendster just now and noticed a slightly different profile. Turns out he has someone new already. I felt so funny because the last time we talked, he kinda got mad at me when I told him that I have a boyfriend already. I feel as if he was imposing that were still okay and we could give it another try now that he's already in Manila. But of course, feelings change. And I did, BIG TIME..

I remembered our elevator conversation the other day with my teammates. Ate Che said that Hon and my relationship is still new and that we still have to pass a number of trials. I replied that maybe, after eight boyfriends, I believe that this is my final stage in finding true love. Then this rich-looking old man butted in our small talk and he was surprised that someone this young surpassed a lot of exes already. Well, I don't know, maybe I'm finding love in the wrong places, but no biggie, I know I found my Prince Charming already. i just hope he could find his horse by now. haha.


BTW, I'm halfway done reading "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks. I have so many books lined up already. I guess I have stocked too much because of the Book fair, my birthday or the times I see a really good book and on sale. Like what i have said before, I appreciate small things.

Maam Kit commended me for a job well done earlier. She said that I am now excellent in business correspondence. :D. Though she said that I have to practice more in News Writing. I'm so ecstatic. I mean, its not everyday that you get your boss to praise you right? *wink*

On the other hand, it feels so sad that Miss Ivy and Nikki has to leave. My boss even asked me this morning that I couldn't leave yet since were already incomplete. Darn. Just when I was thinking to apply for a career in journalism. Oh well, maybe I would have my time.

Gotta go sleep. Muah peeps. :D

Thursday, September 20, 2007

See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Feel No Evil.

I think I just did.

I wish I didn't, but I did.

Anyway, I wanna shrug the idea because it wouldn't do me any good. So small world when you're at the net. Super small world. But I don't want that to get to me. I have a career to maintain, a business to run and a REAL life. You know, the one that doesn't have any pretensions and imaginary ideas about whats good or not. hahaha.

As Camz said, "ang wrinkles"... hehehe So I don't want to make a huge deal about it.

JUST PLEASE! Go on and live your own life, PWEDE?!? Hindi tayo magka-shadow, petite ako, hindi refrigerator!


So anyhow, the days seems so fast. Its gonna be October next week and the speaker I was trying to contact is still unavailable. The Representative, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have any idea about her whereabouts. My head is gonna split soon. I need her for my our Wellness Program or else, I wouldn't be able to finish my damn PA. I am def. pressured.

Hopefully, well have a Plan B. I really do pray.


Gotta go. I can't believe I had a short post this day. Might be because I feel that keeping my mouth shut is the best thing to do for now.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You Can Stand Under My Umbrella...

Its raining cats and dogs today. And its freaking cold. I hate the rain, but then, I know I have to go work. On the way to the office, Rihanna's Song, Umbrella, got me so distracted from the huge traffic that's been building up along EDSA due to this huge fire that made car companies alongside the highway to evacuate. Nice. They let the Mazdas and Porsches out. hehehe.

Anyhow, I just noticed the incident when I was already at Kapitolyo because there's this firetruck who went out of the way just to get to the place on time. Hope the fire was put out already.


I feel so sad today, Miss Ivy told me that she would resign because of her son, Miguel. I hope she'd reconsider her decision.I mean, I like her as our Supervisor and I so love her as a friend and seeing her go would feel incomplete. I don't know, I feel as if everyone's leaving me. Its just so sad that things might not feel the same way.

..Still praying she'd think about it like a gazillion times. haay.


I forgot my butterscotch again. Must remember to bring it tomorrow. I need it especially that I am really famished at the moment. My gaad. Thankfully I got my coffee fix this morning, or else, I'd sure be moody throughout the day.

I have issues at home. hehehe. Not that its a serious thing but I feel as if unica hija is getting neglected and little brother is more favorite today. He just got his Playstation 2 modified, while I, the only daughter, only got a Tagaytay trip for my birthday. And its not even HIS birthday! But nonetheless, I would eventually get to play his console. Or something like that.

Catch ya later. Ultimate plugging na ito:

Gracias! :D

Monday, September 17, 2007

First Business Day

Yay! Ive already sold most of our items. Thanks to officemates and Online Contacts, you made my day so happy. hehehe. Really, I never expected that I would have earned this early. Thanks so much and I hope you could refer our site, please click the link and add us up:

Okay, so anyway, I have to remind my family that if my birthday already passed, I shouldn't treat them anymore. haha. Just kidding. The whole Casem Clan and I went to SM Fairview yesterday and had lunch at Max's. So yun, after at the end of the end, I was so broke already, but fair enough, because I saw how enjoyed they are. And anyway, this is like my second treat to the whole family since I started earning on my own. Like, we were ten people strolling along SM because it's also a three-day sale.

Then my Tita bought me "The Valkyries" as a birthday present. Its so cute how I am picturing my future library. I think it would have a lot of novels so my future kids could also share the same passion for books. And they will be so smart when they go to school. Maybe I should invest for books that Maam Rivera's assigning us to read. Kidding! I don't want them to be nerds naman no! Best in English is good enough for me. :D


So buying stuff for our business made me realize a lot of things: MAKE SURE WHAT YOUR BUYERS WOULD WANT.

I mean, if I have to invest my money for this endeavor, I have to think like my business contacts right? But anyway, I know this will work out. I'm really praying for the best.


I'm kinda high today. The room beside our office has been remodelled for an Executive Assistant, and the paint still smells. Were so worried about Maam Kit and her baby so she'd be transferred to sit at another room much much farther from ours.

Now were in masks. Yeah, its really a nasty sight because I have been in one of my best dresses and its now ruined because I have a mask on my face. Well, I think that's better than to ruin my lungs right? *wink*


On the other hand, I wanted to congratulate the Salinggawi Dance Troupe (that's UST Tigers for you!) for a job well done at the 70th Season UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Although we only got the 1st Runner Up Place by .60 points interval, I'm still glad that Gawi reigned the Araneta Coliseum. No biggie, were gonna win again next year. After all, who has the 5-peat Crown? What? UST? Louder? Yeah, its still UST. hehehe.

Have to go now and finish all these. I am so logging off. :D

Friday, September 14, 2007

Children, PLAGIARISM IS...

Beware: This is one of my hate posts. To those of you who doesn't want to be inflicted with my nagger-like attitude, don't continue reading, but if you want to read a gruesome post, you are all welcome to do so.

Here goes... It has been two years since I left the academe and in the four years of my college life, we were taught never to plagiarize. Plagiarism, according to http://dictionary,, is the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work. Okay so Journalism has taught me to always quote my articles since I might get sued by the original writer.

But say, what if, in an uncanny incidence, your blog posts were rearranged and then someone turns it to another post, wouldn't you be so effing MAD? And to top this all up, we could never really sue those people because maybe, you had the same line of thinking, and maybe, your experiences are vividly alike.


Okay, here goes the bitching:

How dare you. in your effing mind, have the conscience and decency to post something like mine? I am not saying that I am only entitled to words and ideas, but hell, it has been such an uncanny resemblance. And in the event that I proved myself right, do not, i repeat, do not ever think that I would let you get away with it. Because hell might break lose if I tried to twist your neck or something like that. I can be a nice girl, but I could also be a damn bitch if I wanted to.

I know its not worth my time and energy, but I'm just so mad that I am being paranoid about these. I cannot fathom how some people could get so low and pathetic.


Just so you know, everyone's looking at you. So if I were you, I would blog about the thing I only know I could formulate and not try to be someone you are absolutely NOT!

And I'm as pissed as ever. Now my afternoon's really ruined.


Pardon the spiteful words here. I just have to let this out today.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

P-PO-POWER Tiger Power!

I've finally made up my mind. I will not be going to the Cheerdance Competition on Sunday. I don't wanna ruin the winning streak of UST. I remember one time while watching a UST and NU game. I have nothing against NU, but I mean, they were the lowest scoring team at UAAP, but then we were required to attend the game and my Alma Mater lost. And so I don't wanna jinx that 5-year peat that they have attained. Hence, I will be watching the competition at the boob tube and the comforts of our home.

..I'll just pray that they would win. Yay! Go USTe!


For some reasons, I am so sleepy today. I don't know what I did but my eyes are trying to shut again. No cold water or pinching could do the trick. Have to think of Plan C.

Its mid-September already. Next time we look at the calendar, we'd be looking for gifts for our loved ones already. I'm feeling the holiday spirit already, maybe because its freezing cold here at the office. hehehe.


Hon and I went out last night. Of course, the only nearest SM in our house is at SM San Lazaro so we had dinner first. Its just weird because during 4th year, my friends and I always go there. Now I feel that I am stuck and since there is no common place for us now such as near UST's vicinity, we are starting to slowly part ways.

Talked to Brent and he was game going to Baguio. Talked to Jenny and she also said that she wanted to join. I suggested that we should go by October. I hope it'll push through.


Yay! Its already Thursday, then tomorrow is the end of the week, and then rest days again. I am so excited and all. I know I'll be on a That 70's Show Marathon again. For sure. hehehe.

Gotta go now. Still sleepy but thank God, sane. :D


Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Former President Estrada's Verdict Out Now.

Yeah, I wanted to keep it preppy. :D

So anyway, President Erap is accused guilty of his plunder charges and was sentenced reclusion perpetua or let's rather say, imprisonment for 40 years. The funny thing was, his perjury case was dismissed. Yeah Jose Velarde, we so believe you. How uncanny is that? So now, not only Erap is going to court, but charges to his allies have been made but they have to be arraigned first before the trial continues.

Sadly, today will be a very gloomy day. Of course, Estrada's fans will be wailing on how the government condemned their President, etcetera and etcetera. But yeah, sometimes, life isn't fair. Of course, who believes the government anyway? So my point is and to make the story short, I think Estrada deserves this. He may be acting so naive and guilt-free but then again, how would you explain a man who recklessly spent his country's money and bought mansions for her mistresses. Yeah! That is naive, um, referring to us for the past years.

Now that it is somewhat resolved, I am congratulating the court for a job well done. No, really, imprisoning the former President for 40 years is a huge way deal. Too bad beheading is so 16th Century. How cool is that to see a leader to roll its head off. Well, let us be reminded of Bin Laden. hehehe.


On the other hand, there will be more rallies this afternoon FOR SURE. Drama, drama, drama.

Just make sure that we will be firm on our decisions. I mean, this is the point of no return. My gaad! Anyhow, enough of Erap. Maybe someday, we could get out of this rut.


Mom and Dad are still in Iloilo and will be leaving there at Saturday. Called them up yesterday and Mom was babbling about my cousins, my nieces, how cute they still are and how they had dinner at every house with relatives there.

Talk about making me feel so envious.

Told them about my latest endeavor. She said goodluck. And then told me again of my cousins. Argh-ness.

Told her I'd go to Boracay at summer. She said yes. Then told my brother we'd go to Boracay at December. Which, maybe is way cooler than being bored inside our house watching That 70's Show.

...Well let's see if their promise might be true. Just don't let me believe that much, I might be disappointed.

Gotta go munch on whatever stuff I'm having. Muah!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

First Year Anniversary at the Company and Remembering the Twin Towers

Its funny how I never thought I would last here. Or after a year, I would have to quit and soar my wings to another company that would be very well related to my degree. Well actually, from the work Ive done here, I could somehow say that some parts of it constitute what Ive learned from my Alma Mater. Just that I wanted to write on like a daily basis. I wanna write about the different places in the world, or even make articles of the people around me, popular or unpopular.

But then again, I always played on the safe side. Not that it is a bad thing, I mean, the experience suffices already but then, I wanna go for something that extends my practice to a higher level. I don't know.

On the contrary, I am happy to be celebrating my First Year at the company. I feel that I have made the most out of my stay here. But I also know that I have a lot more to prove them. That I am not this little kid in my glittery headband who's in high school or that my my childish traits doesn't prove that I am not worthy of going to the top. Or I may dress up like Elle Woods but I could like, run a department someday too. Since I'm making up plans for my future, that goes into my list too.


Its the 9/11 today. The tragic day for USA and the World Trade Center. Bless those who suffered and I hope that the souls of those who died in the incident be blissful already.

So in celebration of the fateful day, train stations here in the Philippines have been careful of the people who have been entering their premises. It took the security guards an awful lot of time to check our baggages and even asked to open the inside zippers of our bags. Well, it doesn't hurt to be cautious sometimes. Especially when there are mean people roaming around.


I had the DVD of World Trade Center at home. The first time I watched it, it made me burst into tears how the two policemen got out of the rubble and huge rocks that the Twin Towers exploded into. It was so sad how they witnessed their friends kill theirselves to end their suffering. But the movie depicted that there is God and when you hold on to your faith, He will save you even if you only remain to have an inch of your life.


Anyhow, Ive managed to formulate a game plan on the sideline we've been planning. I would present it to Hon tomorrow so we could discuss them. I don't know, I just want them all cleared up before I do the action. So meeting ever ang drama ko ngayon. Wala nga lang magmi-minutes, hehehe.

I have to go now. Must finish something first. Muah! Loveyah all!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Heller Droopy Eyes!

I am so sleepy. My eyes are trying to close every minute. Good thing its nearly three and work would end in a few hours. I just miss my bed. I wanna sleep so long. But I think that's impossible from my point of view. Oh well.


Hon and I are starting our part-time endeavor. I wish it would work out well. I know that it would take our precious time but then, he is very eager to start the business. He even made the site and all. So I don't want to disappoint him because this is like our baby. I know, it sounds mushy, but I really love him in every way he's made of. :D

Basta, do check up our site. Though its still under construction because there are no uploads yet. siguro we'll launch it by next week. Do click this link. Thanks


Have to go. I'm so uber busy right now. Love yah pals. :D

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Bum Rants Again

Ive reorganized my PC table today. I don't know, I just find it too stressful with all the papers scattered around it. And Hon went at our house to bring the "That 70's Show" dvds and did a season 1 marathon. Anyway, he finally made my CS3 work. Now I have to figure out how to use it since I was used to Photoshop 7. Darn technology. But I also loved my Google Taskbar. You see, when I went to his house last Thursday, I was tad envious of his lappie so I asked him to set up something like that to mine. And lo and behold, I am loving it right now, with my pictures and friends' pictures on the side. hehehehe

Anyhow, I finally caught up this friend I used to chat with at ym. He was what I call my closet friend because we keep each other in the dark. I know, its quite mysterious though because we have been friends for a long time but haven't met each other yet. Shempre, super lait na naman ang nangyari because we would always pick on people or something nasty.

He's like the brother I never had because he's really good in telling me stories about his escapades and all that.

But really, talking to him is real good. I mean, I have been on self-denial that I am this inferior person in the world who could like keep on waiting for something good to happen, and shrug all the bad things on her side. He told me that I should feel less about some person who doesn't even deserve my time. I told him that maybe I am not good enough for some people and told me to snap them all up because I am this beautiful person. I'm so happy to have a friend like him. Well, I hope you know who you are if you're reading this. :D


Okay, so Hon and I will be going to mass tomorrow. After last Sunday, this will be the first time in a long time that we're gonna hear mass together. Yay! I so love that my dad's here. I wish he would be here for a long time so I could have my Saturdays free. And I also hope that I could get tickets for the UAAP Cheerdance competition. I mean.. GO USTE! Yay!

So I checked on one of my accounts and Hon Hon's ex added me as a friend in this eskwela site. Honestly, I haven't been in good terms with her. Probably the fact that they have this huge deal of history together. I have been pretty much jealous of the fact that they went to the same school, etcetera and etcetera. And so I have been thinking a lot if I should even start being decent about it. Or yeah, maybe I could stop being so doubtful and trust that this relationship is real right? After all, with the ups and downs that we have experienced, we should be getting stronger instead of me being so un-trusting. Just a thought. :D And I think Hon might even say Amen to this one. hehehe.


See, I have to go now because its friggin' cold here where I'm sitting. hehehe. Its actually raining outside and the doors aren't locked yet. Hopefully, I could get a good sleep tonight. Muah lots! :D

Friday, September 07, 2007

Back to Work

I am back at the office again and dumbfounded with 21 emails on my office inbox. There are sure lot of people depending on me (supervisor mode) hehehe. yeah right, like that is TRUE! I think I have a lot of things to learn before I could get promoted to a higher position. Or I should get a masters degree first or something.

Speaking of a higher degree, I think I wanna ba like my boss, Maam Kit. She graduated from UST and had her masters at ADMU. Or I wanna follow her footsteps when I had the finances and the courage to study at Ateneo. But I wouldn't really wanna go there until the UAAP isn't over. You know, the battle of universities always get everyone giddy especially when it comes to senior basketball. Like that would define who's best right? I don't believe so. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't be fully pledged to my school. I mean, because I went there, my opinion of UST being the top school remains. And I respect other universities. I just love my own more. hehehe.

Speaking of UAAP, the Cheering Competition is coming closer. Hon said he will not be joining their teambuilding anymore so he could join me watch it at Araneta. Rumors that it will be on September 16. The catch? I am not that sure if we could get tickets or something. They usually sell like hotcakes on the first release date. And not to mention there are 8 universities competing that day. And I'm an alumna. I guess the current studies has the bigger chance in getting those tickets.


Jen has been ranting this morning on how she missed the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash yesterday night. Since she has been habitually attending the particular party, this is the first time that they didn't get tickets. Sayang because she has invited me to join them if they had won their tickets. Oh well, I'm not sure if I would enjoy half-naked men in trunks anyway. I think I would like my man fully-clothed. haha.

Have been reading Womenagerie by Jessica Zafra this morning. I liked her piece on Manoling Morato and Dr. Holmes. She mentioned that having a Ph.D degree doesn't mean that she has all the right to wander around writing sex at tabloids and still look dignified. Whereas when we read sex stories on tabloids, we consider them taboo and malicious. I don't know. I think everyone still needs a little discretion in everything. Well, that is just my opinion. You could like, disagree with me or not. I also loved her piece of her being the Literary geek per se. Meaning she didn't get to be all smart in sciences or mathematics but English ALONE. I think I am like her. I could like easily ace an English test during Elementary and get special award for it, but when it comes to Math, my Mom has to make my Tita Sol tutor me. Oh well, at least I'm self admitted to suck at Math, BIG TIME.

For now, I will enjoy my Friday. For tomorrow, I will be doing chores and all that.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Quality Time and All...

Went to spend the whole day with Hon and his family at their house. The day was so tiring considering that we have to take care of his niece and nephew, but the trip was definitely worth it. Lets just say the time when Sophia has been calling me "tita" was definitely cool. :D And the fact that I was accepted at his house was way cooler than being superior and all.

So anyhow, we had the "That 70's Show" marathon today. Since we have completed all seasons, we decided to watch it all afternoon. I so loved Donna's character. She was so nice but a rebel at the same time. Smart but definitely sassy. So inspiring. hehehe.


Mom and Dad are going to Iloilo for a vacation this Tuesday. I AM SO ENVIOUS!!! I am definitely green with envy. I wish I could also come but as if the office could like, allow me to take a leave for five days right? haha. Like THAT would happen. Hence, I would be stuck at the house with my weird grandma and a little loony brother. No, I'm not complaining at all.

Okay, so maybe I would have them bring me Pinasugbo or Merengue. Or Barquillos. So I definitely need to cut on my sweets too, or I would be diabetic in a few years. Wala lang, these days, ive been munching on chocolates like on a daily basis. I know, but I couldn't really help it. I mean, what are the odds of having too much in the house? The perks of having a dad who has been overseas for months and coming home after his contract. hahaha. :D


Overall, this day might be a little weird, but it is special for me. Not to mention that he was proud of me and all. But to think of it naman, i never had a boyfriend who got ashamed at me or something. Its just that this is different for me. And uber coolness.

Have to sleep to catch the earliest ride possible. I hope I could. Nytienight.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Buhay Tomasino

Got this from Issai. Haay, the memories of going to UST and the happenings. Well, this survey is really nice. If youre a Thomasian, answer this too. Ang saya, super nostalgic. :D

[x] nakapag-Paskuhan
[x] nakapangopya
[x] nagpakopya
[ ] nakatulog sa clinic kahit walang sakit
[x] nangamoy Almer's


[x] tumambay sa library
[ ] nangodigo
[x] walang tulog ng 2 days straight
[x] nakapag-overnight
[x] nag-copy-and-paste ng assignment

total= 8

[x] natulog sa klase.
[x] umiyak sa harap ng prof
[ ] uminom sa 1611, tapsi, moromolom, cafe dapits
[x] kumain ng rice meals n binebenta ng mga ibang students
[ ] nagsuot ng yellow shirt ng mag-champion ang UST last season ng UAAP (waah! Wala na ko nito eh

total =11

[ ] gumamit ng kodigo galing sa ibang section pag my exam
[ ] nagpagawa ng Flash presentation pra sa finals
[x] bumagsak
[x] may tres sa final grade
[x] nakipila kapag bayaran na ng tuition pag prelims at finals


[x] bumili sa vendo sa corridor
[x] nakituhog sa calamares ng kaklase
[ ] kumain sa d fort sa may Antonio
[x] namili ng school supplies sa Asturias
[x] bumili ng either yosi or kendi na nasa may labas lang ng dapitan gate bago pumasok o lumabas


[x] nanghingi ng yellow paper pag may exam
[x] nakapag-kickback sa tuition
[ ] gumawa ng fake na resibo
[x] tumambay sa mga seminars
[x] nagmerienda kay manang sa may tabi ng kodak sa Asturias (haha! Favorite ko yung siomai!)


[x] binagyo at binaha at na-STRANDED
[x] nakatambay sa field
[ ] nag-drop ng subject
[x] inakalang babagsak pero pumasa


[x] nakapag-pedicab
[x] nagkaroon ng Sun Cellular na sim card
[x] nairita dun sa guard lalo n pag ayaw magpapasok.
[x] nakasali at naging active sa mga org
[x] bumili ng kahit anong memorabilya ng ust


[x] may at least 5 librong nabili sa isang sem
[ ] naisipang magshift kasi feeling mo mas cool yung ginagawa ng ibang course pero hindi na din natuloy kasi mas cool pala yung ginagawa mo
[ ] tumakbo s bagong fountain sa likod ng main bldg (waah, di ko na naman inabot to.)
[x] umabsent
[x] ginawang palamigan ang library

total =33

[x] tumambay sa lovers lane at cat walk at kumain, mag-munimuni at mag-dramahan.
[x] tumambay sa corridor
[x] tumakbo sa hallways
[x] nanuod ng laro ng UST Tigers kasi required sa PE
[x] nagsuot ng complete uniform


SUM= 38x2= 76

--Go Uste. Im so excited for the cheerdance. If Gawi ever wins this 70th Season, super 6-peat na. :D Yay! I so miss going to UST. I think it will always run in my veins. :D

Party Mode On

Even though my birthday has already passed, I have a series of celebrations coming up. Today, we will be ordering Monster Pizza for the CCD Team. Tomorrow, I think I will be going at Hon's house or something. On weekend, I'm not sure but I think they will be throwing a party for the whole family (Casem side). On Friday, or next Friday, some of the CCD team (Me. Ate Che. Clem. Nix and Dude) will be going out for booze night, or so they say. SO many plans, and I am so ecstatic about them. :D

Received nice gifts today. From Sai, a keepsake box, from brother, a 512 MB memcard for my fone, Hon, a "The Bend in a Road" book and a bag. Sobrang babaw ko lang naman kasi. Books and storage spaces make me happy hehe.

My tita freaked out this morning when she found out that I took a leave yesterday without telling my parents. How weird is that when I just turned 22 and my family's still overprotective of me. I'm not complaining that they care for me, but I think its too much already. Oh well.


Clem and the guys are so excited for the pizza. It arrived a bit early today. hehehe.

In fairness, I only took a day off but my pending works have been piled up already. Oh life.

Gotta go now and celebrate the start of my "being 22". Muah!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Birthday Girl Speeches

Last year and the succeeding months was a roller-coaster ride for me. I have been blessed with such a great family, a simple life, a wonderful partner, a nice career and the most lovable friends. I must say I couldn't ask for more.

But what if one day or one moment, some things doesn't fall right? Some wonderful things made it so perfectly clear that it will never be the same again. Would you let yourself fall for the moment? Or would you take the chance of holding it again because you know that it is the best thing that happened to you?

That was the first lesson that I life taught me.

On the contrary, I learned to love myself more. I learned that even though some things might be tad different, something good might come. And eventually, all things could actually fall into their own places if you're not trying hard to please other people or make people like you or even love you. And more often that not, there are friends who would make you realize that "hey, shit always happen, but if it is up to you if let it get to you or not.

And the second was no matter where you could possibly be, there are true friends who would put through you, even if you became the poorest or ugliest person in the world.

I also learned that you should trust your heart before trusting other people. I realized that even though people make up stories to you, if you listen to your heart, you have put your senses first. And if you used your heart while learning that the people you have trusted haven't been true to you, at least, you learned to love and believe. No one can ever replace that because in the end, your heart will heal your soul.


Trying doesn't make you an eager person, but a stronger one too. That I realized when I left my job and went to look for another one. I thought I could never find nice people at work again, but lo and behold, I'm celebrating my first year in this company in a few days, and people have been so good to me. And that, I am forever grateful. Never in your life could you be so lucky to find nice people at work. I know that for a fact.:D

You could never be too much of a failure. You fall, you pick yourself to pieces and you get up again. Falling doesn't mean you're weak. It means that you are human. It means that you still have to discover more about yourself and to could still prove your abilities to the world.

And lastly, falling in love isn't that hard. There are no rules to follow, no algebra computations and no scientific experimentations needed. You just have to follow what your gut feels. And if your feelings aren't good enough, at least you could proudly say that you have been true to yourself and you listened that hard. Its just up to the person if he would treasure what you have and fulfill your desires.

..And yeah, I feel as if I am the luckiest woman on Earth right now. :D Maybe being a year older isn't so bad. hehe


I have been to a series of celebration for my birthday. Last Saturday, we went to World Trade and attended the Manila International Book Fair. It was uber cool with all the books that I wanted. Though I never splurged that much, I feel so satisfied with what I bought. I even got the chance to see Glai and Chuck. Yay reunion! hehe.

Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Tito Pol, Hon and I went to Tagaytay and Cavite. Since Dad wanted to test drive the van so it could get used to long trips, he decided that we should go there, then visit my cousins since they live near Tagaytay. It just feels so good that I am with Hon and my parents at the same time on a trip. Definitely an almost magical scene huh?

After Mass and Picnic Grove, we went to Tierra Maria to pray and reflect. It was actually nice there. They even have this "Word of God" basket wherein you could take an advice on that something you have prayed for. I was actually surprised when I got this one:

You know what made me experience shivers up to my spine? I asked that I could no longer ask for a perfect gift but knowing that I made the right choices in my life. That is, the place of the people around me right now, most specially Hon Hon. And I thank God that he undauntedly loves me no matter what I become. :D


So anyhow, I'm gonna be on leave tomorrow to celebrate the BIG DAY with Hon Hon. And it better be so great because we'll be spending a little too much for dinner and breaking our diet for the Ultimate buffet. hehehe. :D

Have a Happy Birthday to those who are having birthdays tomorrow too, Kaiz and Beyonce Knowles!!! :D And the following days who are having their birthdays!!! Muah! Love yah all!


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