Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm sick with colds. Though I haven't been mingling with rain (not that I know of at least :D) I still got sick. Though I wanted it to rain this weekend so I could sleep soundly, or something like that.

It has been almost a year since Ive broken up with this friend. Yeah, broken up aren't just for boyfriends anymore, according to my dictionary. I don't know if life would be better if she's still around, but I do missed her. I missed our guyspeaks, shopping trails, bookhunting, and the rest that comes with it, sometimes even going to her dorm, etc.

I guess some things arrant made to last.


On the other hand, I'm still happy of the choices Ive made. And I'm still with Hon, unlike she predicted that'll happen to us. Were still going stronger than before. And although I promised myself that I wouldn't love more the person I am with, I have always felt that Hon is worthy of that feeling. After all, for the past four years that I have been smitten with him, I guess this is the time that I deserved to be happy. And I'm very much thankful that he's all over me now. hahaha. :D


BIG Problem: I haven't finished KRA still. Nakakainis. Nakakainis talaga. I shouldve done it last night but I was too tired buying stocks for an order and since I have super colds, I took Decolgen FORTE. When I got home, the bed almost eaten me up. But of course, who am I to decline anyway. haha.

The catch is, I still am sniffling like someone's been with fighting me. Gaaad!

Thankfully, I'm still sane. GTG. :D

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