Friday, September 28, 2007

Ive googled myself for no apparent reason. Just wanna see how popular my name is on the web or there are some people who has similar as mine. So anyhow, Ive seen this site:

I am not sure how the heck did my previous article at Manila Times ever got there, but I sure am so delighted that they put my byline and credit my work at their site. It was also indicated that the said publication was sourced by Lloyd Luna Corp. (uh, sino ba sha?) So how come Manila Times didn't tell me about it? haha. Whatever, its not like I wanted to be paid or anything right? I'm just happy that my article was recognized. Yay!

For now, I think I did put my article by heart. I took risks mostly now. That no matter what happens, I should be accountable for it. No ifs and buts. Its my game now. hehehe.


Somehow, that made me giddy..

Were gonna see the new uniforms. Or let me say, I'm gonna have a uniform already. Cute. :D I'm really excited. I feel as if I really have this big role in the company. *speeches,winks*


Jeni and I talked about going to Baguio this October. Then Bora at summer or say, at the first months of 2008. At least I know these plans will happen since Jeni is a certified traveller and her plans of taking over the Philippines happened lots of times. I am uber excited. :D

BRB later. muah!

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