Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm not even sure where I got the energy to post here.

My day started at NINE AM. I was supposed to meet Nina because I had to deliver something at UST and get Ruby's book from her. But because I was so sick to ever get up early, I finally woke up at 8:45. Cmon! hehehe

Okay, so my day didn't turn out right from the very start. The rain caused me to be late and I also have to wait for Mom and Dad to leave for Guada.

Met Nina at UST's Main Building. *reminisces* The dancing fountains aren't opened though, and the rain was pouring hard so we decided to go to the Carpark and chatted at Ice Monster. After talking about work, lovelife, law school and Avi, she had to leave because her break is over and has to go back to class. I so missed her. And I'm so proud of her because she's studying while taking care of Avi at the same time. Although I know that she would sometimes wish that she didn't have a child yet, Avi is one of the greatest things that happened in her life. Well, our lives too because we've tried so hard to support Nins when she was having Avi. And were so happy that she made it through the good and tough times of her pregnancy. :D

After meeting her, went to meet Cezzye and give the item she bought from my online store. :D Then the rain poured so hard again. Told Hon to just meet me at SM Manila so we could go to MOA together. And because I have to go to Dapitan, I passed by the dancing fountains again and noticed that they're already turned on. I was supposed to take a video, but it was raining and my phone might get soaked. Then I saw the AB Building.

I know, it sounds melodramatic, but I also missed AB. I missed being a student, waiting for friends at the Pav, Internet-hopping at the Central Library, going from Ground Floor to 6th Floor, Lunch at Almer's, V.Con, BRB, Asturias, Lovelite, Due Articles and of course, friend who stood by you through the pretty and the ugly situations. I missed the company that we have established for four years at the University.


Anyhow, my next stop is going to SM Manila, where they held a three-day Sale. Since it was payday yesterday, I bought nice things for myself at Seventeen and Egg. Too bad I didn't find any good shoes today, or else, I would've bought it there and then. haha.


Last stop, MOA. had lunch at Carlo's Pizza then went to buy tickets for "No Reservation". Too bad MOA cinemas are on schedule that we have to wait until 5pm to get to the movie house, so we strolled through the mall first.

Since its my Dad's birthday tomorrow, went to the Dept Store to buy him a gift. Then to Booksale and I found an interesting book. See, I have been a fan of Gilmore Girls for the past eight or nine years, then I saw this "Gilmore Girls" book. I am uber excited to read it. haha. Sad lang because they didn't have Cosmo for this month pa.

Went straight to the Cinema to watch Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart. Nice nice movie. Its about these two chefs and Catherine's orphaned niece. I'd make a review of it. :D Then the weekend fireworks were fantabulous! I don't know, but there's something about Hon and I's relationship and fireworks. I guess they come in package. You see, when we first saw each other again after eleven years, we have witnessed fireworks at his sister's wedding. And everytime we get together, I don't know if its coincidental, but we would always see different fireworks. :D Cute. :D

Sadly, the day didn't end up so good. I got mad at him for some reasons that we didn't even say goodbye when he brought me home. Maybe tomorrow, it'll be okay.

At least I hoped so...

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