Monday, September 03, 2007

Last year and the succeeding months was a roller-coaster ride for me. I have been blessed with such a great family, a simple life, a wonderful partner, a nice career and the most lovable friends. I must say I couldn't ask for more.

But what if one day or one moment, some things doesn't fall right? Some wonderful things made it so perfectly clear that it will never be the same again. Would you let yourself fall for the moment? Or would you take the chance of holding it again because you know that it is the best thing that happened to you?

That was the first lesson that I life taught me.

On the contrary, I learned to love myself more. I learned that even though some things might be tad different, something good might come. And eventually, all things could actually fall into their own places if you're not trying hard to please other people or make people like you or even love you. And more often that not, there are friends who would make you realize that "hey, shit always happen, but if it is up to you if let it get to you or not.

And the second was no matter where you could possibly be, there are true friends who would put through you, even if you became the poorest or ugliest person in the world.

I also learned that you should trust your heart before trusting other people. I realized that even though people make up stories to you, if you listen to your heart, you have put your senses first. And if you used your heart while learning that the people you have trusted haven't been true to you, at least, you learned to love and believe. No one can ever replace that because in the end, your heart will heal your soul.


Trying doesn't make you an eager person, but a stronger one too. That I realized when I left my job and went to look for another one. I thought I could never find nice people at work again, but lo and behold, I'm celebrating my first year in this company in a few days, and people have been so good to me. And that, I am forever grateful. Never in your life could you be so lucky to find nice people at work. I know that for a fact.:D

You could never be too much of a failure. You fall, you pick yourself to pieces and you get up again. Falling doesn't mean you're weak. It means that you are human. It means that you still have to discover more about yourself and to could still prove your abilities to the world.

And lastly, falling in love isn't that hard. There are no rules to follow, no algebra computations and no scientific experimentations needed. You just have to follow what your gut feels. And if your feelings aren't good enough, at least you could proudly say that you have been true to yourself and you listened that hard. Its just up to the person if he would treasure what you have and fulfill your desires.

..And yeah, I feel as if I am the luckiest woman on Earth right now. :D Maybe being a year older isn't so bad. hehe


I have been to a series of celebration for my birthday. Last Saturday, we went to World Trade and attended the Manila International Book Fair. It was uber cool with all the books that I wanted. Though I never splurged that much, I feel so satisfied with what I bought. I even got the chance to see Glai and Chuck. Yay reunion! hehe.

Yesterday, Mom, Dad, Tito Pol, Hon and I went to Tagaytay and Cavite. Since Dad wanted to test drive the van so it could get used to long trips, he decided that we should go there, then visit my cousins since they live near Tagaytay. It just feels so good that I am with Hon and my parents at the same time on a trip. Definitely an almost magical scene huh?

After Mass and Picnic Grove, we went to Tierra Maria to pray and reflect. It was actually nice there. They even have this "Word of God" basket wherein you could take an advice on that something you have prayed for. I was actually surprised when I got this one:

You know what made me experience shivers up to my spine? I asked that I could no longer ask for a perfect gift but knowing that I made the right choices in my life. That is, the place of the people around me right now, most specially Hon Hon. And I thank God that he undauntedly loves me no matter what I become. :D


So anyhow, I'm gonna be on leave tomorrow to celebrate the BIG DAY with Hon Hon. And it better be so great because we'll be spending a little too much for dinner and breaking our diet for the Ultimate buffet. hehehe. :D

Have a Happy Birthday to those who are having birthdays tomorrow too, Kaiz and Beyonce Knowles!!! :D And the following days who are having their birthdays!!! Muah! Love yah all!



Happy Birthday Ria! ^_^


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