Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Even though my birthday has already passed, I have a series of celebrations coming up. Today, we will be ordering Monster Pizza for the CCD Team. Tomorrow, I think I will be going at Hon's house or something. On weekend, I'm not sure but I think they will be throwing a party for the whole family (Casem side). On Friday, or next Friday, some of the CCD team (Me. Ate Che. Clem. Nix and Dude) will be going out for booze night, or so they say. SO many plans, and I am so ecstatic about them. :D

Received nice gifts today. From Sai, a keepsake box, from brother, a 512 MB memcard for my fone, Hon, a "The Bend in a Road" book and a bag. Sobrang babaw ko lang naman kasi. Books and storage spaces make me happy hehe.

My tita freaked out this morning when she found out that I took a leave yesterday without telling my parents. How weird is that when I just turned 22 and my family's still overprotective of me. I'm not complaining that they care for me, but I think its too much already. Oh well.


Clem and the guys are so excited for the pizza. It arrived a bit early today. hehehe.

In fairness, I only took a day off but my pending works have been piled up already. Oh life.

Gotta go now and celebrate the start of my "being 22". Muah!

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