Thursday, September 13, 2007

I've finally made up my mind. I will not be going to the Cheerdance Competition on Sunday. I don't wanna ruin the winning streak of UST. I remember one time while watching a UST and NU game. I have nothing against NU, but I mean, they were the lowest scoring team at UAAP, but then we were required to attend the game and my Alma Mater lost. And so I don't wanna jinx that 5-year peat that they have attained. Hence, I will be watching the competition at the boob tube and the comforts of our home.

..I'll just pray that they would win. Yay! Go USTe!


For some reasons, I am so sleepy today. I don't know what I did but my eyes are trying to shut again. No cold water or pinching could do the trick. Have to think of Plan C.

Its mid-September already. Next time we look at the calendar, we'd be looking for gifts for our loved ones already. I'm feeling the holiday spirit already, maybe because its freezing cold here at the office. hehehe.


Hon and I went out last night. Of course, the only nearest SM in our house is at SM San Lazaro so we had dinner first. Its just weird because during 4th year, my friends and I always go there. Now I feel that I am stuck and since there is no common place for us now such as near UST's vicinity, we are starting to slowly part ways.

Talked to Brent and he was game going to Baguio. Talked to Jenny and she also said that she wanted to join. I suggested that we should go by October. I hope it'll push through.


Yay! Its already Thursday, then tomorrow is the end of the week, and then rest days again. I am so excited and all. I know I'll be on a That 70's Show Marathon again. For sure. hehehe.

Gotta go now. Still sleepy but thank God, sane. :D


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