Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yeah, I wanted to keep it preppy. :D

So anyway, President Erap is accused guilty of his plunder charges and was sentenced reclusion perpetua or let's rather say, imprisonment for 40 years. The funny thing was, his perjury case was dismissed. Yeah Jose Velarde, we so believe you. How uncanny is that? So now, not only Erap is going to court, but charges to his allies have been made but they have to be arraigned first before the trial continues.

Sadly, today will be a very gloomy day. Of course, Estrada's fans will be wailing on how the government condemned their President, etcetera and etcetera. But yeah, sometimes, life isn't fair. Of course, who believes the government anyway? So my point is and to make the story short, I think Estrada deserves this. He may be acting so naive and guilt-free but then again, how would you explain a man who recklessly spent his country's money and bought mansions for her mistresses. Yeah! That is naive, um, referring to us for the past years.

Now that it is somewhat resolved, I am congratulating the court for a job well done. No, really, imprisoning the former President for 40 years is a huge way deal. Too bad beheading is so 16th Century. How cool is that to see a leader to roll its head off. Well, let us be reminded of Bin Laden. hehehe.


On the other hand, there will be more rallies this afternoon FOR SURE. Drama, drama, drama.

Just make sure that we will be firm on our decisions. I mean, this is the point of no return. My gaad! Anyhow, enough of Erap. Maybe someday, we could get out of this rut.


Mom and Dad are still in Iloilo and will be leaving there at Saturday. Called them up yesterday and Mom was babbling about my cousins, my nieces, how cute they still are and how they had dinner at every house with relatives there.

Talk about making me feel so envious.

Told them about my latest endeavor. She said goodluck. And then told me again of my cousins. Argh-ness.

Told her I'd go to Boracay at summer. She said yes. Then told my brother we'd go to Boracay at December. Which, maybe is way cooler than being bored inside our house watching That 70's Show.

...Well let's see if their promise might be true. Just don't let me believe that much, I might be disappointed.

Gotta go munch on whatever stuff I'm having. Muah!

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