Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Its funny how I never thought I would last here. Or after a year, I would have to quit and soar my wings to another company that would be very well related to my degree. Well actually, from the work Ive done here, I could somehow say that some parts of it constitute what Ive learned from my Alma Mater. Just that I wanted to write on like a daily basis. I wanna write about the different places in the world, or even make articles of the people around me, popular or unpopular.

But then again, I always played on the safe side. Not that it is a bad thing, I mean, the experience suffices already but then, I wanna go for something that extends my practice to a higher level. I don't know.

On the contrary, I am happy to be celebrating my First Year at the company. I feel that I have made the most out of my stay here. But I also know that I have a lot more to prove them. That I am not this little kid in my glittery headband who's in high school or that my my childish traits doesn't prove that I am not worthy of going to the top. Or I may dress up like Elle Woods but I could like, run a department someday too. Since I'm making up plans for my future, that goes into my list too.


Its the 9/11 today. The tragic day for USA and the World Trade Center. Bless those who suffered and I hope that the souls of those who died in the incident be blissful already.

So in celebration of the fateful day, train stations here in the Philippines have been careful of the people who have been entering their premises. It took the security guards an awful lot of time to check our baggages and even asked to open the inside zippers of our bags. Well, it doesn't hurt to be cautious sometimes. Especially when there are mean people roaming around.


I had the DVD of World Trade Center at home. The first time I watched it, it made me burst into tears how the two policemen got out of the rubble and huge rocks that the Twin Towers exploded into. It was so sad how they witnessed their friends kill theirselves to end their suffering. But the movie depicted that there is God and when you hold on to your faith, He will save you even if you only remain to have an inch of your life.


Anyhow, Ive managed to formulate a game plan on the sideline we've been planning. I would present it to Hon tomorrow so we could discuss them. I don't know, I just want them all cleared up before I do the action. So meeting ever ang drama ko ngayon. Wala nga lang magmi-minutes, hehehe.

I have to go now. Must finish something first. Muah! Loveyah all!

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