Monday, September 24, 2007

Okay, so this text message really melted me...

"You turned out to be one great wife-to-be and a heck of a businesswoman.. How did you turned out to be the perfect girl for me?"

Of course, it came from my Hon Hon, and I just got all mushy when I read it. I guess somehow in this not so nice day for me, something made me smile and forgot the concerns we had today. If only I could kiss him right now, I would gladly do so. hehe.

While at it, he dropped by our house yesterday. And yeah, we did a marathon of Season 5 and Six That 70's Show episodes. You see in the busiest of weeks, I am so ecstatic that we finally had time to be with each other and just rest.


Though I'm back at my frantic hours, We've just finished this stressful case. Since the coordination started from my email inquiry, I am obliged to help. And really, I am bound to help since it will do good on my KRA. I know, I have to finish that already, but I'm just too tired to do paperworks at home. Now I know I have to polish my rusty skills or else, I'd be trashed before I know it.

Apparently, business is doing well. Reaping orders now and then from some officemates and some online buyers. Sure beats the uncertainty that I once felt when we were starting. Its a gamble actually. But since I am willing to do this, I am very much responsible for what'll happen. :D

I finished reading "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks yesterday. Am currently reading his other novel, "A Bend in the Road". I still have three pending books to read, then I'm gonna move on to another book or another hobby. Whichever comes first.


I wanna sleep right now. I don't know why, but I do.

...Maybe because of the weather. I hope it rains all weekend so I could have a peaceful sleep like last Saturday. For once, I think I just wished for rain. Okay, this is so weird for me since I prefer sunny days than rainy ones.


Its Dad's birthday on Sunday. And I haven't thought of a gift yet. OMG, I think I just might be forced to go to Nova that day since it is a weekend. Or I hope he's swell enough to treat us out of town again. haha. Maybe Subic this time? hehehe

Gotta go finish what Ive started today. Its so cold, my legs are shaking. *wink*

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