Saturday, September 22, 2007

I so need a new career. I don't wanna stuck here all my life.

Just that when we had the GA last Friday, most loyalty awardees have gone from beautiful to beastly. I am so mortified that I would get to be like them if I stayed that long. LOL. You know I'm kidding right?

Seriously now, I'm just afraid that I couldn't bring to tell Maam Kit that I so wanted to have a new path. Something that could satisfy my undying passion for writing. Something that I know I will be so good at. I hope she'll forgive me if she found out that I am already seeking for that perfect job. And that I am always clicking the "APPLY" button at jobstreet whenever an email about job openings for a writer post flashes into my in-box.

Or maybe I am afraid because Maam Kit asked me not to leave yet. But really, I feel as if I'm also waiting for their commendation to a sister company (read: BUSINESSMIRROR) haha. Hopefully, that'll happen. I'm pushing myself so far to it. Who knows right? :D


I don't know if I'm being materialistic, but I wanted to have an own car, a trip to wherever i wanna go, a closet full of shoes, a library full of my favorite novels and a house of my own. And I think I wouldn't achieve that in the present work.

..Okay, to those who really know me, that line about being so materialistic and all is just possessed. Obsessive coffee is so bad for me. I tend to be so frustrated.


On the other hand, reading is treating me so well. I can only find my sanctuary there. Because in it, I could live with the characters in the book and forget how not so nice my feelings are right now. My GAAAD!!! I am so pressured.


Catch y'all later. The Princess needs her peaceful slumber. muah!!

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