Friday, September 21, 2007

Okay, this is a late post since I have been so busy the whole day.


Too bad we didn't have the chance to see each other today. Its just that I have been so busy and he couldn't be late for work so he has to take an early night. Though it might have been nice to see each other considering that we have to celebrate, well, were gonna see each other tomorrow and shop, etcetera etcetera.

So anyhow, its our General Assembly today. And because I just celebrated my birthday, I got to blow a candle in front of everyone. :D So cute.

Met bezzie today instead. Just that we couldn't find the time to see each other these past few days. We haven't celebrated my birthday either. I miss those days when we were in high school. There are times that we would just fool around talking about almost everything or even scour for good-looking guys near our area. Of course, we couldn't do that anymore because she's married and I have my Hon Hon already. :D


Speaking of old time flames, I saw an ex's friendster just now and noticed a slightly different profile. Turns out he has someone new already. I felt so funny because the last time we talked, he kinda got mad at me when I told him that I have a boyfriend already. I feel as if he was imposing that were still okay and we could give it another try now that he's already in Manila. But of course, feelings change. And I did, BIG TIME..

I remembered our elevator conversation the other day with my teammates. Ate Che said that Hon and my relationship is still new and that we still have to pass a number of trials. I replied that maybe, after eight boyfriends, I believe that this is my final stage in finding true love. Then this rich-looking old man butted in our small talk and he was surprised that someone this young surpassed a lot of exes already. Well, I don't know, maybe I'm finding love in the wrong places, but no biggie, I know I found my Prince Charming already. i just hope he could find his horse by now. haha.


BTW, I'm halfway done reading "True Believer" by Nicholas Sparks. I have so many books lined up already. I guess I have stocked too much because of the Book fair, my birthday or the times I see a really good book and on sale. Like what i have said before, I appreciate small things.

Maam Kit commended me for a job well done earlier. She said that I am now excellent in business correspondence. :D. Though she said that I have to practice more in News Writing. I'm so ecstatic. I mean, its not everyday that you get your boss to praise you right? *wink*

On the other hand, it feels so sad that Miss Ivy and Nikki has to leave. My boss even asked me this morning that I couldn't leave yet since were already incomplete. Darn. Just when I was thinking to apply for a career in journalism. Oh well, maybe I would have my time.

Gotta go sleep. Muah peeps. :D

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