Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Its raining cats and dogs today. And its freaking cold. I hate the rain, but then, I know I have to go work. On the way to the office, Rihanna's Song, Umbrella, got me so distracted from the huge traffic that's been building up along EDSA due to this huge fire that made car companies alongside the highway to evacuate. Nice. They let the Mazdas and Porsches out. hehehe.

Anyhow, I just noticed the incident when I was already at Kapitolyo because there's this firetruck who went out of the way just to get to the place on time. Hope the fire was put out already.


I feel so sad today, Miss Ivy told me that she would resign because of her son, Miguel. I hope she'd reconsider her decision.I mean, I like her as our Supervisor and I so love her as a friend and seeing her go would feel incomplete. I don't know, I feel as if everyone's leaving me. Its just so sad that things might not feel the same way.

..Still praying she'd think about it like a gazillion times. haay.


I forgot my butterscotch again. Must remember to bring it tomorrow. I need it especially that I am really famished at the moment. My gaad. Thankfully I got my coffee fix this morning, or else, I'd sure be moody throughout the day.

I have issues at home. hehehe. Not that its a serious thing but I feel as if unica hija is getting neglected and little brother is more favorite today. He just got his Playstation 2 modified, while I, the only daughter, only got a Tagaytay trip for my birthday. And its not even HIS birthday! But nonetheless, I would eventually get to play his console. Or something like that.

Catch ya later. Ultimate plugging na ito:

Gracias! :D

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