Monday, September 17, 2007

Yay! Ive already sold most of our items. Thanks to officemates and Online Contacts, you made my day so happy. hehehe. Really, I never expected that I would have earned this early. Thanks so much and I hope you could refer our site, please click the link and add us up:

Okay, so anyway, I have to remind my family that if my birthday already passed, I shouldn't treat them anymore. haha. Just kidding. The whole Casem Clan and I went to SM Fairview yesterday and had lunch at Max's. So yun, after at the end of the end, I was so broke already, but fair enough, because I saw how enjoyed they are. And anyway, this is like my second treat to the whole family since I started earning on my own. Like, we were ten people strolling along SM because it's also a three-day sale.

Then my Tita bought me "The Valkyries" as a birthday present. Its so cute how I am picturing my future library. I think it would have a lot of novels so my future kids could also share the same passion for books. And they will be so smart when they go to school. Maybe I should invest for books that Maam Rivera's assigning us to read. Kidding! I don't want them to be nerds naman no! Best in English is good enough for me. :D


So buying stuff for our business made me realize a lot of things: MAKE SURE WHAT YOUR BUYERS WOULD WANT.

I mean, if I have to invest my money for this endeavor, I have to think like my business contacts right? But anyway, I know this will work out. I'm really praying for the best.


I'm kinda high today. The room beside our office has been remodelled for an Executive Assistant, and the paint still smells. Were so worried about Maam Kit and her baby so she'd be transferred to sit at another room much much farther from ours.

Now were in masks. Yeah, its really a nasty sight because I have been in one of my best dresses and its now ruined because I have a mask on my face. Well, I think that's better than to ruin my lungs right? *wink*


On the other hand, I wanted to congratulate the Salinggawi Dance Troupe (that's UST Tigers for you!) for a job well done at the 70th Season UAAP Cheerdance Competition. Although we only got the 1st Runner Up Place by .60 points interval, I'm still glad that Gawi reigned the Araneta Coliseum. No biggie, were gonna win again next year. After all, who has the 5-peat Crown? What? UST? Louder? Yeah, its still UST. hehehe.

Have to go now and finish all these. I am so logging off. :D

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