Friday, September 07, 2007

I am back at the office again and dumbfounded with 21 emails on my office inbox. There are sure lot of people depending on me (supervisor mode) hehehe. yeah right, like that is TRUE! I think I have a lot of things to learn before I could get promoted to a higher position. Or I should get a masters degree first or something.

Speaking of a higher degree, I think I wanna ba like my boss, Maam Kit. She graduated from UST and had her masters at ADMU. Or I wanna follow her footsteps when I had the finances and the courage to study at Ateneo. But I wouldn't really wanna go there until the UAAP isn't over. You know, the battle of universities always get everyone giddy especially when it comes to senior basketball. Like that would define who's best right? I don't believe so. But that doesn't mean that I wouldn't be fully pledged to my school. I mean, because I went there, my opinion of UST being the top school remains. And I respect other universities. I just love my own more. hehehe.

Speaking of UAAP, the Cheering Competition is coming closer. Hon said he will not be joining their teambuilding anymore so he could join me watch it at Araneta. Rumors that it will be on September 16. The catch? I am not that sure if we could get tickets or something. They usually sell like hotcakes on the first release date. And not to mention there are 8 universities competing that day. And I'm an alumna. I guess the current studies has the bigger chance in getting those tickets.


Jen has been ranting this morning on how she missed the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash yesterday night. Since she has been habitually attending the particular party, this is the first time that they didn't get tickets. Sayang because she has invited me to join them if they had won their tickets. Oh well, I'm not sure if I would enjoy half-naked men in trunks anyway. I think I would like my man fully-clothed. haha.

Have been reading Womenagerie by Jessica Zafra this morning. I liked her piece on Manoling Morato and Dr. Holmes. She mentioned that having a Ph.D degree doesn't mean that she has all the right to wander around writing sex at tabloids and still look dignified. Whereas when we read sex stories on tabloids, we consider them taboo and malicious. I don't know. I think everyone still needs a little discretion in everything. Well, that is just my opinion. You could like, disagree with me or not. I also loved her piece of her being the Literary geek per se. Meaning she didn't get to be all smart in sciences or mathematics but English ALONE. I think I am like her. I could like easily ace an English test during Elementary and get special award for it, but when it comes to Math, my Mom has to make my Tita Sol tutor me. Oh well, at least I'm self admitted to suck at Math, BIG TIME.

For now, I will enjoy my Friday. For tomorrow, I will be doing chores and all that.

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