Wednesday, January 30, 2008


If I were in the States, (which is merely impossible because everyone knows I don't really want to live there, haha) I would support the Writer's Guild of America's Strike. Though we Filipinos kind of hate American TV writers lately (because of the Desperate Housewives bluff), I guess some of the decent writers are also due for some more compensation than any other employee. You see, writing makes you think. It makes you go places you never thought possible. You delve on the things that may be imagination to you, but brings people to believe. And that is why I have always thought that aside from medicine or law, writing is an arduous task that everyone should give credit for. And I am proud to be one. :D

But anyway, the reason why I'm lamenting right now is because I am really affected of whats happening to my favorite shows. Rumors have spread that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will have MAJOR revisions regarding its script and all. According to Harry Potter's World, the movie will be split in two because they haven't even started the screenplay yet. Not only that, my Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives Season 4 air slowly than before. Some even said Heroes are having problems too.

..I just hope it'll be resolved earlier. I mean, many has already been affected.


So anyway, having the first plastic card has its perks and its quirks.

1. It made me save money- Since I haven't got my bill yet, I am now determined to keep pays and manages what I get from my work.

2. Management- Having the Belle De Jour Planner (With Credit Card Tracker Expenses) made it easier for me to jot down what I bought using it.

3. Emergency Purposes- Last Friday, we have just enough money for us to go home, but we managed to buy a phone, dinner and two books. Now we'll just have to wait for the bill.

4. Waiting for the Bill- So it requires a whole lot of patience. Sometimes I just wanted to receive it now to refrain burgeoning payment of bills.

And I guess it requires a lot of responsibilities too. I mean, Veronica Lodge does abuse her cards that his Dad always jump up to the roof when he sees her credit card statements. ROFL.


I sooo love Heroes now. Imagine that I have only finished two episodes, to date. The cheerleader's power is so cool because she's indestructible. I mean, that is just too neat.

Oh well, I have to go grab lunch. Ciao peeps! :D

Monday, January 28, 2008

Around the World In 2 and a Half Hours

I have never been a fan of GMA7.

But last night, they've shown a "Pinoy Meets World" Special and I was so envious of the stars who went to the different parts of the world and discovered the sounds, sights and senses of the other countries around the globe.

You see, when I was still in Adam's, my first job in a travel agency, I thought it was all glamour in it, so I signed up being a PR writer. But as push comes to shove, I got disappointed and moved on to Fortune Care. Anyway, there's this certain feeling in me that I might not have made the most out of my stay there. When I see old officemates going to Bora, or Shanghai or Thailand, I kinda get so envious of them. Though I know its WAY OVER NOW, I still wish that I couldve been, even a bit, in their position to experience circling the globe or the Philippines.


Hon Hon bought himself a new phone. Now I really wanted to have my ITouch, just to compensate myself for feeling like a loser. LOL.

Had an unproductive weekend. Went with Mom to Guada again. And bummed for two days. Of course, we still went to SM Fairview, but it is still different. So I just watched Korean Movies. Okay, so I am soooo recommending Millionaire's First Love and Lover's Concerto. Though I loved the first movie, because it made me cry too many times that I lost count.

..It even made me question Hon Hon how our love couldn't be like in the movies. But of course, the realistic guy that he is, told me that real life is WAY TOO different that my Korean Movies. Sometimes, I really wanna kill the guy. ROFL.


I have a new book. And I am uber determined to finish it tonight. *Sighs*

Gotta go! Muah!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Where the Heart Is...

I know its too mushy of a title, but Ive seen a touching scene this morning.

So anyway, as I was in my usual rush hour this morning, I sat at this jeepney, at the back of the driver's seat. He was making remarks about the car that has been blocking his way and etcetera to the girl/student beside him. I thought to myself, if I was in her place, I would probably talk to the driver because she was practically ignoring him. You know, just out of courtesy.

But after passing Blumentritt, he was already opening his wallet to give her money then the girl was setting to be dropped off Tayuman area. He was asking her schedule and told her that she should text if her class is over. Then he leaned on to her and kissed her when she got off the jeepney.

Okay so I was touched because I did that before to my Dad. You know, the passenger seat scenario and all. I feel as if I were wringed on the neck. So karma let me see that girl, from my eye-point. Harhar. You see God, if you needed to tech me lessons, this is a really great way to tell me I've been nearing to be the Ice Queen, thank you very much. LOL.

My Dad and I was never, in my whole life, been close. Probably because my Mom thinks I'm just sucking up to him so I could receive gifts when he goes home. So I distanced myself because I am never like that. I mean, if you know me, I never make someone buy me stuff as possible. Yes, I let dates pay for the actual date, but to ask for things that could make me happy, that is rarely for me to happen. So now, I grew up, not knowing how to be close to my Dad. But in the process, I tried, and still am trying to be close to him. Without other's perception that I am only nice to him because he buys us neat things, but the fact that he is my Dad and


Maam Kit made me see how she rated me today. And I was not disappointed. Well actually, I rated myself lower so she could know how to adjust if ever I really deserved it. But in the end, it is just great. :D Yay!


We'll be going (again) to MOA later. Me got myself my first plastic card that holds a thousand bucks. The card that I swore myself I would never get, but its there anyway, and maybe we could use in case shit do happen. So commemorating this day would be the first swipe of it. hahaha. But Hon Hon is more excited by it. You don't believe the smile plastered in his face. LOL.

I have to go now. TGIF once again. :D

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Farewell Casanova

Heath Ledger, died at 28, remembered in his famous movies who made him one of the sought after movie actors of this time.He was even in the upcoming Batman Movie to play the role of Joker. Such a waste. But will be always missed.

Though I am not a huge fan of Ledger, I always believed that the man is one of the notable actors today. He made the girls go ga-ga. He made the unforgettable kiss with fellow-hottie, Jake Gyllenhall and swoon our hearts with his bad guy posse at Ten Things. Why he REALLY died, that we did not know.


Enough about Hollywood and its mysteries, I finally accomplished my appraisal, again. Its just that I find it really hard to rate myself. It is even harder to justify the rate Ive given. Feels like judgement day everyday. Gawd.

I feel so bored after coming home. So I just put on my Desperate Housewives DVD and storm the night with my marathons. But sometimes, I get too much of this that I feel so related with the characters. Or I feel as if there's something a little of me that could relate to the four main casts. Oh I don't know.


The sun is setting way too high nowadays. Summer is in the air. Haha. Hon's Birthday is coming up in a few days, and I have something planned already. Though I am really hoping it would happen this time. :D

And because teambuilding and outings are already in plan, I already bought swimsuits! Yay! I am planning on buying two more, for Bora and if family decides to go to a pool or something. But first, I really have to stop binging because I'm getting huge. Harharhar.

Dad is coming home again on the first week of February. Part of me couldn't wait because of the iTouch, while most of it means we will be going places again. Though I really hope we could go to Iloilo again. And I miss my Ates. You know, coming from the youngest girl among the Lumandog clan. LOL.


So I really have to go. As Ive said, my life is kinda boring right now. Muah!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Yeah Baby! Im So Back! :D

Wala lang. Just that Ive been gone for three days without blogging or posting checking my account. Started last Friday, when my Mom dragged me to go to Nova with her, because Lester couldn't come. Being the good girl that I am, brought my oversized bag, Andrei's gift and the DVD player and my DH Season3, and went out way to Nova for the weekend. Yeah, also because my Mom blackmailed me into telling my Dad that I didn't want to go with her.. Smooth move considering I am expecting an IPod Touch when he comes home, and I don't want him not to push it through.

So there, as much as I wanted to blog there, the technology's not really up to date yet. Telephones and PC's are still a no-no at our house, probably because we don't practically live there. But it kudos for the house being cozy and all. Plus you don't need an aircon because and you need a pretty big comforter at night. But if you would ask me, I couldn't live there because I'm a Manila girl and I am used to the chaos and all. LOL.


Last Saturday, went to Mcdo Q. Avenue to attend Andrei's Party. Since I was forced to go to Nova, told Mom I promised Dude I would come so I went there albeit the fact that our place is kinda far from it. Too bad Jeni wasn't there. After the party, went to SM Fairview by myself to buy dinner. That's one of the things that could make me sad. Just that I'm not used to being alone. But I have to do it anyway...


Tita Josie, one of my godmothers, invited us last Sunday, to come to their house in Meycauayan. It is the Feast of Sto. Nino and my Mom didn't have somewhere to go to that day. So there, went to see Anne, and Steff was there too. Feasted not because of the fact that it is their town's fiesta, but because Anne's aunt brought a Chocolate fountain and we pigged out on every fruit there is. Plus we catching up stories about one another and all. Sure is fun. Our moms are even planning that we should all go to Baguio again, just like the old times.

Reminiscing about it, they (Steff, Anne and Joy) were probably my oldest friends away from home. Of course, couldn't change the fact that were friends because of our moms, but they were there on the most exciting parts of my life. I mean, going to Baguio or Subic, Manaoag or Tagaytay. I don't know, its just nice to do that again, considering that the last time we've been together was during our high school or elementary days.


I have to go already. Have to finish something and I don't have my Mom with us today until Saturday. She has this seminar to Tagaytay for a week. Argh. So I also have an Amazing Race 12 Finale to go home tonight. Nyahaha.

Oh, and uber belated Happy 20th Month to us Hon Hon, although we've greeted each other yesterday. Love you uber much. Muah!

Bye y'all. Til tomorrow. :D

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dissing January

Was supposed to go to Punchline yesterday, but the fact that only four of us will come, and something came up to Sir Melan, we just cancelled the whole thing up and reschedule the send-off thing for Sai. Now were unsure where or when to go. Hahaha. Just that, part of me was disappointed especially when Hon said I would have to spend and all, but the thing is, I just wanted, for once, to know that I spent on something I was happy about. I feel as if I was overburdened with the stuff I have to pay every month, and I need an outlet just for the heck of it.

Though I know everything will change once February comes. And I could save again. Yay! And maybe buy all the shoes I want again. hehehehe.

So out of frustration, Hon and I just went to Divi last night. And I shopped freely again. Meaning there are lesser people now the holidays are over. And the ihaw-ihaw foods are heavenly too. I so love going there.


Speaking of Hon, he will be starting next month at Dell. After bidding goodbye to Sykes, he is now arranging his papers, and getting frustrated at it, to submit to his new office. And he'll be a regular to Mall of Asia because that's where his office is located. And we'd probably spend three days a week there. wahaha. I'm kidding. Though he promised to buy me Krispy Kreme while I'm on my way to MOA so when I get there already, there'll be one waiting for me. rofl.


CCD is back to square one again. Hence, we are looking for new people, that are graduates of Health Allied Courses (Nursing, Physical Therapy, Biology, Psychology, etc.) who could fill up the Customer Care Specialist position. And needing for someone who'll stay for long. (Meaning, if you wanna kill time waiting for something while being here, that would be unnecessary. LOL.) Maam Kit wants someone who would make her/his trainings worth it. Sayang daw kasi yung effort niya.

So were really needing new people. She even requests for someone who has Thomasian blood. I don't know, she just wanted them because she and Sir GVF graduated there, and so am I. hahaha.


I am so hooked to Sodoku Puzzles and Word-Number Games lately. Since Joy taught me how to do it, and I have Brain Genius on my phone, I started being addicted to it. And I always get the Life Section of BusinessMirror on our lobby because of the word games. I remember Nina always photocopying Graphic Magazines just to solve those puzzles. When I started my fondness to the game, Aprelle is timing how long I spend in two puzzles of that day's issue. LOL. But I'm gonna start looking at the internet on whether they have one of those.

Sadly for me, my schedule doesn't permit me to watch Wheel of Fortune. I sooo wanna join the game too. :D When I was in High School, Studio 23 shows the American version of the show. Though I'm really intrigued why they picked Kris Aquino to be the host, when the foreign version has a male one. But anyway, since they labeled her the "ultimate game show host" for every contest there is in ABS-CBN, might as well get along with it, for the nth time. rofl.

Gotta go. Friday again. Mom's making me go to our house in Nova again, but I'm going to a party tomorrow. I'm in such a dilemma. Bye!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dancing Stars

I really don't want to post this up because of the fear that plagiarism might spruce up from OTHER PEOPLE'S blog again, but what the heck, I got the first bite anyway. Hahaha.

February 16 - China (CN) vs Germany (DE)
February 23 - Japan (JP) vs Australia (AU)
March 1 - Korea (KR) vs Dubai (AE)
March 8 - Italy (IT) vs Venezuela (VE)
March 15 - France (FR) vs Philippines (PH)

Yep, that's gonna be the schedule for the World Pyro Olympics for this year, and I am uber excited. I could still remember last year, we waited for two hours at the Manila Bay just to witness this event. And note that I was taken in awe, even though I haven't seen the other competitors.


Last night was a baaaaaad day. Went to MOA first because Hon Hon has to submit something in his new office. And because he is now working at Dell, that means we are now regulars at the Mall of Asia. KAMUSTA KA NAMAN RIA! Though he said that we have to look for other malls to hang out to since he'll be fed up. Imagine stepping out of the office and facing the biggest mall in Asia after work. But of course, it would sometimes be a drag.

So going back, I was expecting that my pay would come that night, since the bank is affiliated to our company and all, so we stayed up at MOA, had dinner, went to the bay because there are these exercise equipments and looked if there is really a mini-seaside restaurant there. Being there until 9pm and still my ATM's having nada in it, we decided to just go home. Sad..

Hence, I have to go there again since Hon's having a pre-boarding thing today and I have to buy a gift for Andrei's party on Saturday, plus I have to pay my mobile phone's bill. And I have to buy an XP CD and a Desperate Housewives Season 3 DVD. Argh.


Sir Melan treated us with Jugno's Monster Pizza today. Its been a while since we've eaten one. Sad because Sai is absent and among us three, she's has this humongous appetite (But were wondering where the food is going because she's not getting fat LOL.) And I'm staying away from onions and tomatoes because the the first time we had Jugno's, I barfed every slice of tomato and onion I had. Which is pretty nasty by the way.

Anyhow, Ive definitely got to go. Have some more updating to do. Muah! :D

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


I am a bit bothered. And this goes by saying that I didn't know what to do. I mean, it is really nice that she made the one reaching out, but I am not that sure what'll happen next. I mean, should we be friends again, would there be another message after it? What? Good Lord, please give me answers so I could sleep tonight.


Brenti backed out at our Bora plans. Apparently, he has this friend who invited him to go to Batanes that requires him to save money, much lower than our Bora trip. My Gawd. Of course, I couldn't stay mad at him, I mean, its his choice, but its not the first time he bailed out on us. I could still remember what he did for our Galera plans. Sad...

But anyhow, Ive managed to talk Ninya into joining us. Since it'll be on May pa, she said that if the hospital permits her to take a leave, she would definitely come with us. Really, I'm happy that were beginning to plan already. And Hon Hon is very hands on with the planning. Its just that I love seeing a guy taking charge on those stuffs.


Speaking of Hon, if you could only see us yesterday, we've been talking on the phone and watching the same TV show, in our respective houses. Hahaha. Its just that Studio 23 has the fresh episodes from the fourth season of Grey's Anatomy and Hon got interested about it too. But I still wish the whole season be released already. Or I hope it would already end in US so I could get a copy without the commercials and all.

On the other hand, promised myself that cheap pirated copies of Desperate Housewives will be a no-no for me. Sadly, I was excited to watch the third season, only to find out that it wouldn't play. KAMUSTA NAMAN. So I would look for a copy tonight. By hook or by crook. LOL.


Reports last weekend says there'll be rain. Fortunately, it already stopped and the skies gave way to the sun. I couldn't wait for summer. Plus, Ive already ordered swimsuits because Ive been hearing a team building coming up...hopefully. Just that, the last team building we've been too is a lot of fun, and I met new friends. So this upcoming one, it would be a breeze having to sleep with them, or swim in the dark or even stay up late for a dozen rounds of videoke. (yeah, like last year, we slept at 4am and got up at 7am.)

And it'll be more exciting because we have Joy and Aprelle with us. Unlike the latter, where I have to come with the other departments because I am the only girl from our department who joined. (Come to think of it, I was also the youngest and only girl at CCD that time, not counting my bosses. nyahaha)

And speaking of my uber cool boss, she's been trying to slip me in this publishing company to do freelance so I wouldnt leave my position in the company. Harhar, BRIBERY! rofl. But come to think of it, I could not just earn extra moolah, I could also learn from the ins and outs of fashion magazines. (yeah, because she knows someone there and Ive been trying long enough to get in THAT COMPANY)


Anyway, Ive gotta go. Pardon the post, its just that I'm really upbeat right now and I haven't posted anything yesterday because Ive been this "overqualified" employee who managed to become a telephone operator yesterday.

* Overqualified- according to the SVP of Medical Affairs and from my boss. LOL

So there, I guess Ive said too much already. I'm kinda tired, even when I talk in my head. Ciao! :D

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Undauntedly Bored

The rain is poring on a Saturday night. Usually, I just wanted to curl up in bed, but the ironic thing is, its January. The start of the year means parties, and sun but I am at home, and miserable.

I have plotted my tentative leave dates yesterday and Jeni noticed that my summer doesn't have a leave day. I don't know, since Maam Kit would be on labor on April, Dude and I opted to plan our leave days on the remaining months she's not pregnant anymore. Though I reserved May for Bora already. :D


I feel like a bum. I just stayed in bed the whole day. Lets just say that I only got out of bed to take a bath, have breakfast. lunch and dinner. Hahaha. I don't know, its just that ever since I graduated, I haven't been THAT blessed with an opportunity to unwind. Somewhere, there's always the rut, and a whole lot of drama.

Or maybe I'm thinking of it because of the rain. Well, it usually messes up with my head.


Hopefully, this blur will clear its path tomorrow. Bye.

Friday, January 11, 2008

The Point of No Return

Talking to Brent yesterday, he said some thoughts to ponder about my not so recent loss.

He said that I might be even free of the obligations, that maybe my missing that person moments is worth of the bliss I'm experiencing now, and choices Ive made didn't do me less. But of course, I didn't really know what's going on through that person's head so it made me guilty for a year and a couple of months.

Oh, and I showed him the worthless crap that someone copied from my site, and he described her as a "CHEAP PIRATED COPY". Haha. Brenti sure knows how to bitch around other people, even though he's a guy. LOL


Now, I'm facing again with another loss. Sai, who has been a dear to me for a few months of her stay in the company is getting ready to pack her things and arrange her papers so she could work in Spain. Sure, we've shared the downs together, but its the ups that would make me miss her.

Of course she said that we could even see each other during gimmicks, but I could feel that once she stepped her foot out of the office, everything will change. Like when you're feeling down and needing a friend, you know that she's only a few cubicles away. So anyway, were spending the time she's still here wisely. Since Ive got lots of free tickets to Punchline, we've decided to go there, say, Thursday. We've been also kidding Sir Melan because he's vocal about missing Sai. ROFL.


This is my 16th month in the company. YAY! hehe. Just reminiscing. I have pseudo-plans for the future. I just hope everyone would understand. But of course, I wanna do it in due time. HOPEFULLY.

Weekend already! I'm gonna organize my files at home so Hon could reformat my PC at home. Not only it is taking my internet slow, but it also managed to catch a few deadly viruses as well. So I have nada choice but to take out everything by the weekend since we will not see each other on both days. Sad..

Gotta go. Half a day left. Muah! :D

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Quiapo Day

Again, its the day of the year when thousands, if not, I mean millions of devotees go to the Feast of the Black Nazarene at Quiapo and holds a parade, like no other culture does. Although a million other hazardous tragedies have happened during a day like this, the faith of the Filipino people, whether miraculous or not, cannot be shaken because of the traditions like these.

But faith, like any other Filipino values, strengthen us because we believe that indeed, there is a God. That in our everyday lives, there is someone up there rooting for the cause and effect of every event. Above all, someone's watching us from above, looking at our every move and judges that on whether good or bad.


So because of the event that's gonna be happening today, I opt to ride the LRT and MRT. Its just that I haven't been late yet and I don't want to wager anything. But know what? LRT sucks right now. Maybe because their operation is still not as good yet due to the recent fire accident. Thankfully, I timed in at exactly 8am. Haha!


This is an ironic incident that happened yesterday:

As Hon went to our office to send me home, we got up to an fx and talked about going to Ark Avilon in Pasig since it is only a ride away from my office. He said yes about going this month. About 30 minutes later, the radio blasted about a girl getting bitten by a snake at the same place I was talking about. So right now, I am still thinking of going there. LOL. Though I'm excited about the Oceanarium that is going to be opened in a month or so. :D

Good luck did not work for me yesterday. Lost a bet with Hon last night. He said that a 160 GB IPod Touch isn't available in the Philippines yet. Told him I saw one at one of the stores in SMSL. I saw a 160 GB alright, a 160 GB IPod Video. How cruel is that? And knowing Hon, who likes to ALWAYS prove he's right, smug it into my face and told me that the one I was talking about isn't even available at USA yet. But I really wanna prove him wrong because when my Dad called last Friday, he told me that Malysia already has one, a Silver Edition and costs 40k converted to Philippine Peso.



And he even told me that he already bought me one. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Okay, I just used the second longest word. hehe. I just wanted to tell how I am overjoyed. ROFL.


So anyway, I really have to go. My coffee's wearing out already. So I have to make the most out of it while I'm there. Ciao peeps!

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Messed Up

Ever had the feeling like you wanna give up on everything that's been going wrong with your life? And in the process, you wanted to escape the fact that being yourself isn't good enough for that someone whom you needed to lean upon? And the worst part is, you've gone so tired, feeling numb and wanting freedom from it just because you wanted to love yourself more and maybe, find yourself whole again.

Ironically, you wanted to hear yourself out from it. You lead to believe that everything matters for a reason, but feeling that the only thing that needed change are the people around you. That maybe, some people just have to look in your eyes and believe that you are great the way you are. Though sometimes, its just to impossible to believe that it will happen.


If I were still working at Adam's, the Manila Ocean Park would be a minute-minute walk from the office. Currently tagged as our "very own Oceanarium" and a bigger one than that of Hong Kong's, He promised that we would go there once it opens. I don't know, Hon has a thing for sea creatures. So imagine his disappointment when he found out that Aquarius is not a water sign, but falls to the air group. LOL.

And speaking about it, his natal day will come in about a month. And I haven't prepared a gift for him yet. Good thing I still have 38 days to think about it, and he has 37 too, to plan the Valentine's Day. hehehe.


I gotta go. Preferably somewhere safe. Muah!

Monday, January 07, 2008

R and R, the Ria Way. :D

Had time to relax yesterday and last Saturday. Why? Because Hon Hon is at Tagaytay and Caleruega to attend his cousin's wedding. He was supposed to bring lil' ol' me, but due to some circumstances involving my Grandma, that I have to decline that chance. Sad...

But in some ways, it helped me reduce stress, and I had time to work myself up so that when we go to Bora, I would at least be a bit un-curvy. Though I'm not complaining, I wanted to do it for myself and for my sanity. LOL.


Last Friday, Mom's friends, and a couple of their children (including moi), went to Seaside at Macapagal Road. Because Tita Haydee and Tita Lorben went here for Christmas. Had so much food to feast on. And because you could choose the food that they will cook, you could be sure that its fresh. Too bad Anne and Joy couldn't come, but I was with Ate Jackie and her siblings naman.


Cheers to Ruben for winning PBB Celebrity Edition 2. YAY! I mean, he deserves it, not just because he is the less fortunate among the four, but he somehow proved that even though he's not that famous in Manila, he knows how to stand out and share his values to the country. Too bad Gaby's only third. I was kinda expecting she'd get the second place.

Also, had time to finish the Season 1 of Desperate Housewives, the series that made the Filipinos rage because of a one-line that degraded our medical practitioners. Too bad they made a mistake like that, because to be fair, the series is THAT good. Ive learned a lot about relationships and families. And among the four, I sooo love Lynette Scavo's (Felicity Huffman) personality. She's this ass-kick woman who doesn't care if anyone gets mad at her, as long as she knows her point is right. And she's not afraid to kick balls if anyone gets in her way. So kewl!

Oh well, I gotta go, kinda depressed right now. buhbye!

Friday, January 04, 2008

So I'll Make This Straight and Simple

My Gawd! YOU HAVE TO STOP COPYING MY POSTS' FORMAT! I really mean it. Its disgusting enough to see your face in this kind of site, but my format? My words? And if you haven't any idea of what the effing hell I'm talking about, let me remind you by clicking this link:

You know what? Kid yourself that you could do better, because in the long run, we both know that you are just well capable of copying things that aren't yours. And in the end, who would people laugh at? Is it me? Because you know, I ain't the one copying you, you big laughingstock. Bleh!


As part of my resolution, I promised myself not to be mad at the world anymore. But this one, hell, its very much worth it. But you know what? I don't try hard just to be noticed. I don't comment on my own comment box just so I would have something on my page. And hell, I don't imitate others just to please everyone. Now who's really proving she's pathetic?

..Pero sorry, hindi kasi ko pumapatol sa mga hindi ko ka-level. Modesty aside, may pera ka lang, pero walang naniniwala sayo. Kasi trying hard ka. So please, just stop it.


And friends, that's how my day is ruined. Unfortunately, blogs aren't grounds for filing of plagiarism. Or is it? Law student friends. help naman. LOL. I'm kidding. All I know is I'm clear about my issues, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE OUT THERE, who gets their personality from other people, specifically, MY BLOG.

So long biatch, maybe I'll see you in hell when I look downwards. Hahahahaha


Thursday, January 03, 2008

Boring Morning

I am staring blankly on my computer screen. Know why? Because its P.A. time once again. And as always, I don't know how the hell I would rate myself and my work. And that's so sad because I feel like a wuss.

Gala Mode:

Wanting to go to Mogwai tonight, or at the Shoe Expo. Sir Melan said that there are cheap shoes nearby and knowing myself, I wouldn't miss going there. Like yesterday, on our way home, Jeni and I passed by EDSA Central and saw Chapters and Pages. And because it is (god forbid) on sale, dragged her to wait for me while I check them out. And I must proudly say that Ive seen two interesting books that would again make my bookshelf crowded. LOL.

But sometimes, I feel there is more than you could do than shopping. I dunno, I guess starting to reach the quarter-life crisis has its quirks, although I kind of thought its too early for me.


Were planning our Bora trip this early so we wouldn't have to overcome the hassles of vacation anymore. Hon said that he just wanted to unwind once we get there, so he wants everything to be polished already. I am hoping it'll push through. Anyway, my Mom's even arguing with me about the plane tickets so I guess she's letting me go this time.

...And I'm soOooo excited right now. :D


And in February, there's so much more to be excited about. Ive gotta go. Catch me Later? :D

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

An Exhilarating Start of the Year

Yesterday, the whole family went to our house at Nova to celebrate the New Year. Hon Hon wasn't even supposed to be there because we didn't make plans about it but he finally budged when I insisted for him to come. So the night was filled with so much food, ps2, magic sing. And I'm uber happy about it.

While at our house, Dad called again to greet us and tell that he finally bought the Canon IXUS 12 MP SD950 so Mom could give him his phone. Aside from that, he bragged that he bought an ASUS lappie and a portable dvd player. Santa must have been snubbed when he comes home bearing those gifts.

As for us kids, I am requesting an Ipod (whatever kind, he said an Itouch, but I'm not expecting or whatever), I just told him that I wanted something that could play a video or something. As for Lester, he already brought him a PSP. *blush*. Could you tell how happy I am even though I dragged myself from going back to work? rofl.:D

Guess its a very merry New Year for all of us! XD


After the dinner, Hon and I went back to Manila again. While in the FX, this guy gave us free tickets to Punchline. LOL. Now I'm trying to persuade them for a night out. I don't know, maybe its fun. Then went to Quiapo afterwards and he sent me home.


Anyhow, got sad news from Malyn that our former T.H.E. teacher, Mrs. Quierrez, already passed away. I could vividly remember her. How she made me do two cross stitches because Ive finished doing mine and I helped my classmates already. She was a nice teacher, to think about it. It just feels sad because her children haven't graduated yet, I think. I hope she'd be happy in heaven.


So there, first official day of the year. No big happenings yet. But I'm gonna make memories this year. I just feel it. After all, they said its a lucky year for the ox-born people.

Bye! :D


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