Monday, January 28, 2008

I have never been a fan of GMA7.

But last night, they've shown a "Pinoy Meets World" Special and I was so envious of the stars who went to the different parts of the world and discovered the sounds, sights and senses of the other countries around the globe.

You see, when I was still in Adam's, my first job in a travel agency, I thought it was all glamour in it, so I signed up being a PR writer. But as push comes to shove, I got disappointed and moved on to Fortune Care. Anyway, there's this certain feeling in me that I might not have made the most out of my stay there. When I see old officemates going to Bora, or Shanghai or Thailand, I kinda get so envious of them. Though I know its WAY OVER NOW, I still wish that I couldve been, even a bit, in their position to experience circling the globe or the Philippines.


Hon Hon bought himself a new phone. Now I really wanted to have my ITouch, just to compensate myself for feeling like a loser. LOL.

Had an unproductive weekend. Went with Mom to Guada again. And bummed for two days. Of course, we still went to SM Fairview, but it is still different. So I just watched Korean Movies. Okay, so I am soooo recommending Millionaire's First Love and Lover's Concerto. Though I loved the first movie, because it made me cry too many times that I lost count.

..It even made me question Hon Hon how our love couldn't be like in the movies. But of course, the realistic guy that he is, told me that real life is WAY TOO different that my Korean Movies. Sometimes, I really wanna kill the guy. ROFL.


I have a new book. And I am uber determined to finish it tonight. *Sighs*

Gotta go! Muah!

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