Wednesday, January 30, 2008

If I were in the States, (which is merely impossible because everyone knows I don't really want to live there, haha) I would support the Writer's Guild of America's Strike. Though we Filipinos kind of hate American TV writers lately (because of the Desperate Housewives bluff), I guess some of the decent writers are also due for some more compensation than any other employee. You see, writing makes you think. It makes you go places you never thought possible. You delve on the things that may be imagination to you, but brings people to believe. And that is why I have always thought that aside from medicine or law, writing is an arduous task that everyone should give credit for. And I am proud to be one. :D

But anyway, the reason why I'm lamenting right now is because I am really affected of whats happening to my favorite shows. Rumors have spread that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will have MAJOR revisions regarding its script and all. According to Harry Potter's World, the movie will be split in two because they haven't even started the screenplay yet. Not only that, my Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives Season 4 air slowly than before. Some even said Heroes are having problems too.

..I just hope it'll be resolved earlier. I mean, many has already been affected.


So anyway, having the first plastic card has its perks and its quirks.

1. It made me save money- Since I haven't got my bill yet, I am now determined to keep pays and manages what I get from my work.

2. Management- Having the Belle De Jour Planner (With Credit Card Tracker Expenses) made it easier for me to jot down what I bought using it.

3. Emergency Purposes- Last Friday, we have just enough money for us to go home, but we managed to buy a phone, dinner and two books. Now we'll just have to wait for the bill.

4. Waiting for the Bill- So it requires a whole lot of patience. Sometimes I just wanted to receive it now to refrain burgeoning payment of bills.

And I guess it requires a lot of responsibilities too. I mean, Veronica Lodge does abuse her cards that his Dad always jump up to the roof when he sees her credit card statements. ROFL.


I sooo love Heroes now. Imagine that I have only finished two episodes, to date. The cheerleader's power is so cool because she's indestructible. I mean, that is just too neat.

Oh well, I have to go grab lunch. Ciao peeps! :D

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