Tuesday, February 05, 2008

There are full of red roses, Candy Hearts, Cupids and Piolo Pascual. LOL. Black Valentine. Harharhar.

And on the other side, there are tikoy, bidding Cats, Mickey Mouse in Chinese Costume and red calendars.

..Ironic how they could come up with Western Traditions and Asian Traditions in a month. They have all been commercialized. And they have all been too prodded with so many ideas to sell. But of course, everyone isn't expected to join the bandwagon. LOL.


Haven't much time to blog lately. Swamped with work, planning Hon Hon's birthday, leaving the office early so I could catch the earliest train home, doing my monthly report and finally through with my Heroes Season 1 marathon. Yeah, excuses I know.

Last Friday, Hon and I went to Divi. And bought uber affordable swimsuits. Now I'm thinking of selling some for Hunnieshive. If it clicks, why not right?

On the other hand, I spent the night at Nova that day. Lester still has school stuff and I am OBLIGED to go with Mom. So again, armed with my Heroes DVD, slept way too late just to reach the half of the season, then went on it again the whole Saturday and before going back to Manila on Sunday. So unproductive right? Though of course, we went to Grotto Church at Sunday and to my Tita's House in SJDM.


Have been the operator the whole day yesterday. Was effing tiring at the end of it. Though I felt satisfied in some part of me because I could answer their questions and have been thankful after. But not just my forte. The job is too draining for me. Gawd.

As for Hon, he already started orientation for his new work yesterday. And he was uber happy to get 2 regular tickets and 2 IMax Cinema tickets. Sad lang because boring movies are shown in Imax right now, and I wanted to watch 27 Dresses, which he is happy to do for me, considering it is a chick flick. LOL.

My Dad's not yet home. Just that I'm so excited to get THE present. I mean, I couldn't really wait to get my hands on it. Haha. Since Hon got his new phone, I wanted something nice for myself too. And I feel as if this means power for me. Yeah, because I could put a lot of songs and photos and could even browse the net outside. Now THAT is what I really call power. LOL.


Speaking of power, Heroes is one of the hottest and super outrageous series Ive seen. I so love Ali Larter's character, Nikki/Jessica. Its just that she's so hot, has an alter-ego, plus she's so powerful. Though I also liked Claire's indestructible power. Though Peter has the best one. Now I couldn't wait to start Season 2. Yay!

Anyhow, I have to go finish something. I feel that this would be a good week. I could sense it. hahaha. Love yah guys. :D

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