Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I just wish that this line suits for all mothers. I mean, I love my Mom, but sometimes, she just seems to unbearing to live with. If I tried to depend on my family, they would try to push me on my own. If I tried to be independent, they would treat me like a five-year old. So where does it take me? Like I said yesterday, I never tried to rebel because I wanted them to treat it as a favor for letting me do thing my way later on my life. But in my case, it STILL is the same. I feel as if my judgements and actions are bad that they still have to bail me out when I made a mistake. Parang si Claire ng Heroes. LOL.

But seriously, I feel so like five years old. Although she talked to me this morning that she'd talk to Dad about our Bora plans. Wala lang. I feel really bad. You know that feeling when she wouldn't let you control your own plans, and she doesn't even have to think about money when I go there, because clearly, that isn't the case. I understand that she needs my Dad's approval first, but for God's sake, I AM TWENTY-TWO. I am emotional, but I am capable of getting myself out of trouble. And besides, I learned, independently to do things, discover places. Maybe that is why I couldn't understand them. Like asking for permission is not enough for her, when I have done my part being a good daughter.

Drama Drama Drama...


Bora plans are already in sight. Have called SEAir this afternoon and I have to email the details already so they could check the hotels or something. Uber excited! :D Hon is even planning for us to go to Davao on the second half of the year. Said his tito has a house there and a beach resort we could go to. Plus his relatives could tour us around. This year is indeed a good one. LOL.

According to the Chinese Predictions, 2008 is good for the people who are born under the year of the OX. Plus Oxen and Rats are soulmates. Hence, Hon Hon and I are meant to be together. Harhar. I know, I just kinda believe in those things. But I do NOT live through them.


I started my Heroes Season 2 marathon last night. Whoa, super kewlness. Am definitely supporting so much of it now. Asar lang because Isaac Mendez died while Sylar still lives. Argh.

Anyhow, have to go now. Ash Wednesday today, and birthday of our EVP-GM. So Im gonna go to church later. Muah! :D

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