Thursday, February 07, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year to All of Us!

Having parts of Chinese in my blood, the Yi in me celebrated the New Year by still being awake at twelve, watching fireworks at the terrace, Mom putting up fruits at the table, burning of incense, having a feast for dinner and putting red stuff inside the house.

Chinese predictions even says that this year will be lucky for me, more travel opportunities and will be good in business. Harhar. My brother may have the Chinese look in him, but Ive still got the brains and the talent. LOL.


Yesterday was Ash Wednesday so I went to Blumentritt to hear Mass. Had an awful number of people, and some are even inconsiderate of the situation. Just that they messed up the solemnity of the Holy day. So these people just went to church to have ash put up on their foreheads, without hearing Mass first. You know, the Catholic in me cant help but get disappointed.


Jessica Alba will star in the American Version of "THE EYE". Hope it would be great, as expected. I like her so much, plus I loved the Asian version of the movie. Elisha Cuthbert on the other hand, will be Sassy Girl. I just hope they would do justice to it. I mean, they are expected to do so since its Hollywood and all.

Speaking of Hollywood, Patrick Dempsey got an Actor's Guild Award. McDreamy sure is a hottie. hehehe.


Anyhoo, I gotta go. Thursday na! Weekend na ulit tomorrow! Yay! Heroes Marathon ulit. LOL.

Bye! :D

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