Monday, February 11, 2008

Payment nalang yung kulang, our Boracay Trip on March will finalize already. Hence, we will not have to worry on whether we booked the plane, or checked different hotels. So right now, I am so loving the LEP Packages. So kewl.

Oh, and Mom finally said okay in us going, though, I wont be joining them on Panagbenga. But its okay since Ive been to Baguio since forever. Why forever? Lets just say that I was reproduced there. Haha. My Mom and Dad had their honeymoon there when they got married. Tita Fely even gave me this weird name that means "Baguio Made". Kamusta naman. But I feel a bit envious because it has been five years since Ive attended the said festival. Oh well.


Went to Nova again for the weekend. I feel sad nga lang because Hon and I might not be meeting at the sixteenth. We were supposed to do something nice like seeing a movie or something. But because my stupid brother hs practice every weekend, I have to go with Mom. Hence, Hon and I will just have to meet after work on Valentine's Day and I am on leave for his birthday.

..Yes dear God, I love my Mom so much, but please help me find a way so that my brother will have to suffer the way I do. LOL.


I guess I have to go now. Boring life couldn't take me anywhere for now. Though I really have a jam packed schedule this week. Lovey'all

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