Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

To HON: As we celebrate the second Valentine's Day together, with all the ups and downs, happy moments and fights, movies, vacations and all the laughter, I have came up with a million reasons why I should stay. It doesn't even matter now if you have completed THE LIST of what I wanted in a guy, but the way you love me proves that no prospective ideas could even match up to the way you feel about me. I know that these past few days were hard, and there are a lot of drama going on, but you know in the end, I would always be back home to you because you never gave me up. And I want to thank you a million times. :D Love you always Hon Hon.


Its Valentine's Day once again. Hon Hon said he has something planned for today, though I'm not quite sure what it is. He finally settled on not buying me the pink phone. Its just that it would be too much of a gift. But its enough that he has to pay our Bora trip naman right? That IS the greatest Valentine's gift already. hehe.

He also said that this would be the most memorable Hearts Day for me. I could remember last time, he tried to talk me out of the day. He said that we could celebrate it on other day or so. I thought he was the Valentine Grinch. Then when we saw each other, he was handing this bouquet of dozen roses and a heart-shaped cake. My mom was green with envy since Dad isn't home for Valentines. Hahaha. I still have the dozen roses until now, pressed carefully on my scrapbook. LOL.

Funny because last week, I was reading to him an article in Cosmopolitan about gift giving on
hearts day. Like, it is a day of women to feel special and men to show that they really are. And they said its a give and take situation, "He gives, She takes" hahaha. Funny but true. I believe its due that men show appreciation to women even just for a day. Take her shopping, treat her to dinner and movie, that's all it could take to make her happy. Of course, it helps for you to shoulder everything. And please don't expect a gift. Just so you could feel you have the balls to give exactly what the girl needs. Haha

After Valentine's Day, it is Hon Hon's birthday again! I will be on leave on Friday to get my other gift and maybe meet at MOA again or somewhere to celebrate. I also have my gift for his birthday ready. Sad lang because we were supposed to see each other on Saturday. Now I'm really praying for my Dad to come home, so I could go anywhere I wanted.

Anyhoo, I gotta go now. Have to endorse things first before I take my leave. Muah!

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