Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I feel as if I'm still bitten by the Valentine bug. Since he promised that this will be the most memorable Valentine's Day for me, he made it possible, more than I expected. He went to the office to deliver the flowers. Sweet! :D And he said that his Plan A was ruined (well, to buy the Pink Fone since it was out of stock), so he did Plan B, which was to get me Havaianas. He said that it would go together with the Bora trip we'll be having this March 7-9. And the night before Heart's Day, he already gave me the Starbucks Tumbler since I wanted to buy a pink one. So there, Valentines was a pink fusion for me. Hahahaha.

And because it is a special day, had dinner at Shang in House of Minis. Super huge steaks and all. Kewlness! After that, we went to Quiapo, bought DVDs and prayed that our relationship would last forever and ever. Its just that I believe that prayers make way for God to hear. And since our relationship have been tested too many times, it is only due to lay everything to HIM. And thankfully, we have been having a blast, and have been receiving so many blessing lately. So sweet. :D


The next day, I took a leave from work so we could spend Hon Hon's birthday together. But since I have to wait for him until he gets off from work, I had to do my other stuff like get my SSS Id and TIN Card. He was envious that I got to do it for a half day, Harharhar. And I picked up the cupcakes from Ms. Joanna. I got him the one with the Superman logo since he is his Hero. LOL.

When I went to Mall of Asia, remembered that the PTAA Travel Expo 2008's at SMX Convention Center, so I decided to attend it, hoping to see my old time friend and former office mate, Gerdah. Sadly, she wasn't there, so I just hang out at the Adam's Travel Booth with Ate Julie and Tita Amor. Plus I got to surprise Ate Pinky, Ate Weng and Ate Lorie. But then I got bored because they started working, so I just went around and saw some cool booths. I even got brochures just to get a glimpse of travel packages or attractions I could afford this summer. Hehe. But I didn't go back to their booth anymore, with the fear of facing MB again. I don't know, its just that I still have my pride to protect. When I left the company, I know that we haven't been in good terms. We just don't get each other. Though I respected him as a boss, I still feel as if I let him down. But its over now, and I'm happy to be home at Fortune Care anyway. :D

So there, went to Sakae Sushi to have a sushi feast. Super enjoy. The conveyor belt was so cool plus they have this sumptuous sushis you could chomp on. Am definitely going back there. Hon Hon even said to eat there on paydays. Like that is possible.

And his birthday celebration isn't over yet, went to Adidas and he finally got the shoes that he has been wanting for so long. Its a super nice birthday for him! Yay!


Anyhow, I have to go. Am envious of my Mom and Lester because they'll go to Baguio on Friday. Oh well, guess we'll just have to go to Pyrolympics that day. ehehehe.

Muah! Catch y'all later! :D

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