Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dad is coming home this week! Yay! I could finally get the ITouch! I could finally get my old life back. I could go on dates during weekends again, plus I could guarantee my schedule once again. Hahahaha.

Pardon the tone, just that, I was so ecstatic when I heard the news because these past few weeks (or months) have been gloomy to my social life. But once Dad is home, someone could be with Mom at Nova again. I could stay at Tondo, and go anywhere I like without having to travel far. If you could only see me gloating right now. LOL.


Speaking of driving, my Tito Pol let me drive the Paj last Sunday after going to SM Fairview. Since our house is almost two blocks from the gate of our subdivision, he made me go in front of wheel and drove home. But my knees were all shaking during the five-minute drive. Waah. But I promised myself that I would eventually learn manual and automatic. Because I practiced automatic, he said that I could learn easily using that stuff. You see, I need to learn because how the hell am I supposed to drive the car of my dreams in the future if I am a klutz in front of the steering wheel? So frustrating.

But anyway, I managed not to bump my Dad's car, so IT IS an achievement already. I can see myself driving on a vacation, or a swell spot. Haha, like THAT could teach me how to drive.

Anyway, I'm gonna stop dreaming already. Bleh!


Weird Stuff: I already got my bag ready for the Bora Trip. EXCITED! Haha. For sure, come March 6, I would not be able to sleep. I don't know, its kinda natural for me when its my first time to go to a particular place. And considering that I have been longing to go there since I was a kid. I used to remember persuading my parents to go there everytime we go to Iloilo. My aunts always tell me that you just need to ride a bus and a ferry to go there if you're in Iloilo already. But when we go there, were usually lacking time or just too exhausted to make another long trip.

And now this is my chance, so the heck I would definitely grab it. Hehehe.


I am so looking forward to the weekend. PGMA declared Monday as a non-working holiday. Gimik galore! :D

Muah! I have to go now.

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