Friday, January 25, 2008

I know its too mushy of a title, but Ive seen a touching scene this morning.

So anyway, as I was in my usual rush hour this morning, I sat at this jeepney, at the back of the driver's seat. He was making remarks about the car that has been blocking his way and etcetera to the girl/student beside him. I thought to myself, if I was in her place, I would probably talk to the driver because she was practically ignoring him. You know, just out of courtesy.

But after passing Blumentritt, he was already opening his wallet to give her money then the girl was setting to be dropped off Tayuman area. He was asking her schedule and told her that she should text if her class is over. Then he leaned on to her and kissed her when she got off the jeepney.

Okay so I was touched because I did that before to my Dad. You know, the passenger seat scenario and all. I feel as if I were wringed on the neck. So karma let me see that girl, from my eye-point. Harhar. You see God, if you needed to tech me lessons, this is a really great way to tell me I've been nearing to be the Ice Queen, thank you very much. LOL.

My Dad and I was never, in my whole life, been close. Probably because my Mom thinks I'm just sucking up to him so I could receive gifts when he goes home. So I distanced myself because I am never like that. I mean, if you know me, I never make someone buy me stuff as possible. Yes, I let dates pay for the actual date, but to ask for things that could make me happy, that is rarely for me to happen. So now, I grew up, not knowing how to be close to my Dad. But in the process, I tried, and still am trying to be close to him. Without other's perception that I am only nice to him because he buys us neat things, but the fact that he is my Dad and


Maam Kit made me see how she rated me today. And I was not disappointed. Well actually, I rated myself lower so she could know how to adjust if ever I really deserved it. But in the end, it is just great. :D Yay!


We'll be going (again) to MOA later. Me got myself my first plastic card that holds a thousand bucks. The card that I swore myself I would never get, but its there anyway, and maybe we could use in case shit do happen. So commemorating this day would be the first swipe of it. hahaha. But Hon Hon is more excited by it. You don't believe the smile plastered in his face. LOL.

I have to go now. TGIF once again. :D

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