Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger, died at 28, remembered in his famous movies who made him one of the sought after movie actors of this time.He was even in the upcoming Batman Movie to play the role of Joker. Such a waste. But will be always missed.

Though I am not a huge fan of Ledger, I always believed that the man is one of the notable actors today. He made the girls go ga-ga. He made the unforgettable kiss with fellow-hottie, Jake Gyllenhall and swoon our hearts with his bad guy posse at Ten Things. Why he REALLY died, that we did not know.


Enough about Hollywood and its mysteries, I finally accomplished my appraisal, again. Its just that I find it really hard to rate myself. It is even harder to justify the rate Ive given. Feels like judgement day everyday. Gawd.

I feel so bored after coming home. So I just put on my Desperate Housewives DVD and storm the night with my marathons. But sometimes, I get too much of this that I feel so related with the characters. Or I feel as if there's something a little of me that could relate to the four main casts. Oh I don't know.


The sun is setting way too high nowadays. Summer is in the air. Haha. Hon's Birthday is coming up in a few days, and I have something planned already. Though I am really hoping it would happen this time. :D

And because teambuilding and outings are already in plan, I already bought swimsuits! Yay! I am planning on buying two more, for Bora and if family decides to go to a pool or something. But first, I really have to stop binging because I'm getting huge. Harharhar.

Dad is coming home again on the first week of February. Part of me couldn't wait because of the iTouch, while most of it means we will be going places again. Though I really hope we could go to Iloilo again. And I miss my Ates. You know, coming from the youngest girl among the Lumandog clan. LOL.


So I really have to go. As Ive said, my life is kinda boring right now. Muah!

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