Thursday, January 03, 2008

I am staring blankly on my computer screen. Know why? Because its P.A. time once again. And as always, I don't know how the hell I would rate myself and my work. And that's so sad because I feel like a wuss.

Gala Mode:

Wanting to go to Mogwai tonight, or at the Shoe Expo. Sir Melan said that there are cheap shoes nearby and knowing myself, I wouldn't miss going there. Like yesterday, on our way home, Jeni and I passed by EDSA Central and saw Chapters and Pages. And because it is (god forbid) on sale, dragged her to wait for me while I check them out. And I must proudly say that Ive seen two interesting books that would again make my bookshelf crowded. LOL.

But sometimes, I feel there is more than you could do than shopping. I dunno, I guess starting to reach the quarter-life crisis has its quirks, although I kind of thought its too early for me.


Were planning our Bora trip this early so we wouldn't have to overcome the hassles of vacation anymore. Hon said that he just wanted to unwind once we get there, so he wants everything to be polished already. I am hoping it'll push through. Anyway, my Mom's even arguing with me about the plane tickets so I guess she's letting me go this time.

...And I'm soOooo excited right now. :D


And in February, there's so much more to be excited about. Ive gotta go. Catch me Later? :D

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