Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Yesterday, the whole family went to our house at Nova to celebrate the New Year. Hon Hon wasn't even supposed to be there because we didn't make plans about it but he finally budged when I insisted for him to come. So the night was filled with so much food, ps2, magic sing. And I'm uber happy about it.

While at our house, Dad called again to greet us and tell that he finally bought the Canon IXUS 12 MP SD950 so Mom could give him his phone. Aside from that, he bragged that he bought an ASUS lappie and a portable dvd player. Santa must have been snubbed when he comes home bearing those gifts.

As for us kids, I am requesting an Ipod (whatever kind, he said an Itouch, but I'm not expecting or whatever), I just told him that I wanted something that could play a video or something. As for Lester, he already brought him a PSP. *blush*. Could you tell how happy I am even though I dragged myself from going back to work? rofl.:D

Guess its a very merry New Year for all of us! XD


After the dinner, Hon and I went back to Manila again. While in the FX, this guy gave us free tickets to Punchline. LOL. Now I'm trying to persuade them for a night out. I don't know, maybe its fun. Then went to Quiapo afterwards and he sent me home.


Anyhow, got sad news from Malyn that our former T.H.E. teacher, Mrs. Quierrez, already passed away. I could vividly remember her. How she made me do two cross stitches because Ive finished doing mine and I helped my classmates already. She was a nice teacher, to think about it. It just feels sad because her children haven't graduated yet, I think. I hope she'd be happy in heaven.


So there, first official day of the year. No big happenings yet. But I'm gonna make memories this year. I just feel it. After all, they said its a lucky year for the ox-born people.

Bye! :D

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