Monday, December 31, 2007

As of this time, it is 15 minutes till 2008 comes strutting in. Before my ears split from the powerful fireworks from the outside, I wanted to properly say goodbye to 2007.

Recap from the current year: First New Year with Hon Hon, First Valentine's Day, First Time we spent his Birthday together, Lester graduated from high school, met new friends Sai, Che, Clem, Aprelle, Nikki, Sir Melan, Michi, Marky, Norreen, Stan. Got separated from friends Chay, Jayvee, Christy. Maam Kit conceived Ieuan Joshua, Besty conceived Terrence, First birthday of goddaughters Avi and Aia. First Anniversary at Starcity. Went to Tagaytay for my birthday, went to Puerto Galera for a vacation, Enchanted Kingdom visit in a long time, First Christmas that I went generous with family and friends. Second time at Starcity for the year.

Im not sure what else I missed, but this year has made me learn the ups and downs. Hopefully, this coming year would be luckier. Im really crossing my fingers for it.


I'll just keep this short. My mom is messing up with me already. She made me help cook the New Year's feast today. I am so pressured already.


Hope this will be a blessed year for all of us. Goodluck guys and be safe!!!! :D



Happy New Year Ria! Hope you have a blessed 2008. :]


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