Friday, January 04, 2008

My Gawd! YOU HAVE TO STOP COPYING MY POSTS' FORMAT! I really mean it. Its disgusting enough to see your face in this kind of site, but my format? My words? And if you haven't any idea of what the effing hell I'm talking about, let me remind you by clicking this link:

You know what? Kid yourself that you could do better, because in the long run, we both know that you are just well capable of copying things that aren't yours. And in the end, who would people laugh at? Is it me? Because you know, I ain't the one copying you, you big laughingstock. Bleh!


As part of my resolution, I promised myself not to be mad at the world anymore. But this one, hell, its very much worth it. But you know what? I don't try hard just to be noticed. I don't comment on my own comment box just so I would have something on my page. And hell, I don't imitate others just to please everyone. Now who's really proving she's pathetic?

..Pero sorry, hindi kasi ko pumapatol sa mga hindi ko ka-level. Modesty aside, may pera ka lang, pero walang naniniwala sayo. Kasi trying hard ka. So please, just stop it.


And friends, that's how my day is ruined. Unfortunately, blogs aren't grounds for filing of plagiarism. Or is it? Law student friends. help naman. LOL. I'm kidding. All I know is I'm clear about my issues, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE OUT THERE, who gets their personality from other people, specifically, MY BLOG.

So long biatch, maybe I'll see you in hell when I look downwards. Hahahahaha


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