Monday, January 07, 2008

Had time to relax yesterday and last Saturday. Why? Because Hon Hon is at Tagaytay and Caleruega to attend his cousin's wedding. He was supposed to bring lil' ol' me, but due to some circumstances involving my Grandma, that I have to decline that chance. Sad...

But in some ways, it helped me reduce stress, and I had time to work myself up so that when we go to Bora, I would at least be a bit un-curvy. Though I'm not complaining, I wanted to do it for myself and for my sanity. LOL.


Last Friday, Mom's friends, and a couple of their children (including moi), went to Seaside at Macapagal Road. Because Tita Haydee and Tita Lorben went here for Christmas. Had so much food to feast on. And because you could choose the food that they will cook, you could be sure that its fresh. Too bad Anne and Joy couldn't come, but I was with Ate Jackie and her siblings naman.


Cheers to Ruben for winning PBB Celebrity Edition 2. YAY! I mean, he deserves it, not just because he is the less fortunate among the four, but he somehow proved that even though he's not that famous in Manila, he knows how to stand out and share his values to the country. Too bad Gaby's only third. I was kinda expecting she'd get the second place.

Also, had time to finish the Season 1 of Desperate Housewives, the series that made the Filipinos rage because of a one-line that degraded our medical practitioners. Too bad they made a mistake like that, because to be fair, the series is THAT good. Ive learned a lot about relationships and families. And among the four, I sooo love Lynette Scavo's (Felicity Huffman) personality. She's this ass-kick woman who doesn't care if anyone gets mad at her, as long as she knows her point is right. And she's not afraid to kick balls if anyone gets in her way. So kewl!

Oh well, I gotta go, kinda depressed right now. buhbye!

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