Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Ever had the feeling like you wanna give up on everything that's been going wrong with your life? And in the process, you wanted to escape the fact that being yourself isn't good enough for that someone whom you needed to lean upon? And the worst part is, you've gone so tired, feeling numb and wanting freedom from it just because you wanted to love yourself more and maybe, find yourself whole again.

Ironically, you wanted to hear yourself out from it. You lead to believe that everything matters for a reason, but feeling that the only thing that needed change are the people around you. That maybe, some people just have to look in your eyes and believe that you are great the way you are. Though sometimes, its just to impossible to believe that it will happen.


If I were still working at Adam's, the Manila Ocean Park would be a minute-minute walk from the office. Currently tagged as our "very own Oceanarium" and a bigger one than that of Hong Kong's, He promised that we would go there once it opens. I don't know, Hon has a thing for sea creatures. So imagine his disappointment when he found out that Aquarius is not a water sign, but falls to the air group. LOL.

And speaking about it, his natal day will come in about a month. And I haven't prepared a gift for him yet. Good thing I still have 38 days to think about it, and he has 37 too, to plan the Valentine's Day. hehehe.


I gotta go. Preferably somewhere safe. Muah!

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