Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Again, its the day of the year when thousands, if not, I mean millions of devotees go to the Feast of the Black Nazarene at Quiapo and holds a parade, like no other culture does. Although a million other hazardous tragedies have happened during a day like this, the faith of the Filipino people, whether miraculous or not, cannot be shaken because of the traditions like these.

But faith, like any other Filipino values, strengthen us because we believe that indeed, there is a God. That in our everyday lives, there is someone up there rooting for the cause and effect of every event. Above all, someone's watching us from above, looking at our every move and judges that on whether good or bad.


So because of the event that's gonna be happening today, I opt to ride the LRT and MRT. Its just that I haven't been late yet and I don't want to wager anything. But know what? LRT sucks right now. Maybe because their operation is still not as good yet due to the recent fire accident. Thankfully, I timed in at exactly 8am. Haha!


This is an ironic incident that happened yesterday:

As Hon went to our office to send me home, we got up to an fx and talked about going to Ark Avilon in Pasig since it is only a ride away from my office. He said yes about going this month. About 30 minutes later, the radio blasted about a girl getting bitten by a snake at the same place I was talking about. So right now, I am still thinking of going there. LOL. Though I'm excited about the Oceanarium that is going to be opened in a month or so. :D

Good luck did not work for me yesterday. Lost a bet with Hon last night. He said that a 160 GB IPod Touch isn't available in the Philippines yet. Told him I saw one at one of the stores in SMSL. I saw a 160 GB alright, a 160 GB IPod Video. How cruel is that? And knowing Hon, who likes to ALWAYS prove he's right, smug it into my face and told me that the one I was talking about isn't even available at USA yet. But I really wanna prove him wrong because when my Dad called last Friday, he told me that Malysia already has one, a Silver Edition and costs 40k converted to Philippine Peso.



And he even told me that he already bought me one. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Okay, I just used the second longest word. hehe. I just wanted to tell how I am overjoyed. ROFL.


So anyway, I really have to go. My coffee's wearing out already. So I have to make the most out of it while I'm there. Ciao peeps!

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